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Is your online business suffering from low sales despite some fantastic offers which you think anyone would be crazy not to accept?

Whatever products or services you’re offering, sales can be increased by developing a strong USP as I explained in my blog post of October 14th 2016.

However, another cause of poor sales can be found in poor lead generation. In particular, low sales are usually a result of generating low quality or inappropriate leads.

This post discusses some of the most powerful components of a highly effective lead generation strategy.

What Is Lead Generation?

It’s well known that people rarely purchase anything online upon their first encounter with it. They try to gather more information about the product through reviews, comparisons and other product details.

The process of finding and engaging with those people who show interest in your offers is what lead generation is all about. If your business is not playing an active part in that process, chances are that you will not generate any meaningful sales.

That’s because only a small percentage of leads will wind up as paid customers. Simply put, even with a low conversion rate, the more leads you generate the more sales you’ll likely get.

That makes lead generation an essential part of your online business. Most importantly, you need a solid lead generation strategy to attract highly-targeted leads and increase as many of them as possible into paying customers.

A powerful lead-generating strategy consists 5 main components, which we’ll now discuss.

5 Building Blocks of Powerful Lead-Generation

1, Blogging

dphplr125Of all the types of online presence you can set up for your business, a blog is probably the most powerful when it comes to generating leads. Blogs (and their younger cousins, video blogs or “Vlogs”) have the huge advantage of being highly interactive.

It is that particular feature makes it easy for blogs to pick early signs of interest in your offers. If you don’t have a web presence that you control (i.e. a blog), you will probably need many more resources (especially money and skills) to generate the same amount of leads that a blog does.

Blogs are also very easy to set up. Here’s what I use to build free blogs to test out my ideas.

2. Targeted Advertising

Although many internet marketers advertise, too often they carelessly post ads in all the wrong places. Then they wonder why they get lower-than-expected sales. It is not just about advertising in the right spots; but also about how you frame the message.

I mentioned earlier that buyers consider several things before making the actual purchase. That means your ads should be aligned to the stage at which your lead is in the buying cycle.

  • If they are simply clicking ads on a traffic exchange, send them to a squeeze page with a free offer.
  • If they’re researching a product, send them to a review.
  • If they’re about to buy one of two competing products, offer a coupon, discount or free trial.

You see what I mean? You can never underestimate the power of appropriately targeting your advertising!

3. Tracking and Monitoring

Imagine visiting a city for the first time and driving around without a GPS device. You are likely to get lost unless you  stop to ask for directions (and pray the locals speak your language!).

trck.meIf you’re advertising or sending traffic to your affiliate company without tracking the traffic, you are like that driver. Having a tracking system like and traffic analytic software like Google Analytics are what I like to call my GPS for clicks. Those tools show me whether I am on the right path with my advertising or need to change course.

Tracking and analyzing your traffic helps you identify where your ads are performing well and where you need to focus your resources. Otherwise, you’re simply shooting in the dark or wasting your most powerful ammunition on crumbs.

4. Online Joint-Ventures

If you think joint-ventures (JVs) are reserved for online marketing pros, you’d be very surprised. My SFI Traffic Co-op is one example of a JV, and so is the general concept of affiliate marketing! As an affiliate marketer you are already engaged in a joint-venture with the program owners or producers as you agree to sell their products in exchange for a commission.

JVs are a lucrative way of leveraging other people’s resources for mutual benefit of the JV participants. Going beyond affiliate agreements, JVs that you set up between yourself and other marketers are also great at boosting your online reputation. A good reputation will make it easier to attract higher-quality leads to your offers and achieve a higher conversion rate with them – because (as I keep on saying) trust is one of the keys to converting leads into customers.

They will also help you forge important relationships with other marketers. Stay on the prowl for JV opportunities, you’ll definitely reap massive benefits from the participation.

5. List-Building

Building a list is quite simply the most important lead-generation activity you can engage in. If you’re not using an autoresponder system like to add leads to your mailing list, your lead generation process will be a waste of time and effort.

If you are not building a list, each lead you generate is “one-time-only” and you have to keep on generating fresh “one-time-only” leads. Yet, as I said earlier, it is well known that most people do not buy the first time they see an offer.

The key is to follow-up with your leads and build a relationship with each of them. That is far too time-consuming to do one-to-one with every lead you generate. An autoresponder will automate the process of contacting and engaging with your leads for you, which is why it is so essential to invest the time and effort and, yes, money, into a professional autoresponder service if you want to convert more leads into buyers – and convert buyers into regular customers.

Nothing beats getting your leads’ approval to send sales messages directly to their inbox. Online marketing doesn’t get any more intimate than that. And if you’re passing up the opportunity because it “seems difficult,” you shouldn’t be wondering why your sales are a far cry from your desired income level.

If you haven’t been using these strategies for lead generation, you should seriously consider making them a part of your campaigns. If done right, these building blocks will work together to catapult your business to the next level.

David Hurley


What a day I had today! I joined a lead-generation program called GlobalMoneyLine as a free member this morning to check it out, based on the recommendation of one of my sponsors.

I spent 5 minutes setting up my account details and then went out to teach an English class in town.

Just in case you don’t already know, I am a freelance English language teacher based in Hiroshima, Japan as well as an online affiliate marketer. Here’s a panorama photo of my Wednesday class taken by a student (and suitably doctored by her) a couple of weeks ago:


I enjoy teaching English in Hiroshima while my business works for me 24/7 on the Internet. 🙂

Pulling In Leads While I Am In Class!

I returned home a few hours later, and logged in to my GlobalMoneyLine account and … WOAH!  407 targeted leads brought in in less than 12 hours on a free account which I had only just set up and had not even started to promote.

moneyline407Tools of Engagement

There is an easy-to-use messaging system in place in the GlobalMoneyLine dashboard which you can use to engage with every single lead that is added to your downline…

AND you can also engage with your UPLINE and convert them into leads too, when they contact you! Active upline members who reach out to you are far more likely to be upgraded members. That means they are red-hot “buyer leads” who are exactly the kind of people you want to be building a business relationship with.

Isn’t this what every Internet marketer is looking for…?

Everyone Who Joins After You Goes Under You

I will write a more detailed review shortly, but I want you to see this ASAP because everybody who joins after you goes under you, so speed is essential here. Also, it’s free to join, so there is nothing to lose by checking it out.

It is only my first day in the program but I already have a ton of leads to contact.

Click Here To Check Out GlobalMoneyLine & Set Up Your Free Membership.

All the best,

David Hurley


If you want to succeed in online affiliate marketing one thing you will need to give some thought to is developing a strong USP for your Internet business.

USP stands for “Unique Selling Proposition.” In simple terms it is an “offer” that makes your business stand out from the pack. It is what makes the product you are selling special, or at least different from similar products sold by your competitors.

realityinadvertisingrrThe concept was developed by Rosser Reeves, and set out in his book, Reality In Advertising , published back in the early sixties, but still relevant today. Reeves explains that a USP must do three things.

1. It must offer the prospect a specific benefit.

2. It must offer something that nobody else offers.

3. It must be strong enough to induce people to buy the product.

The USP in Affiliate Marketing

It is the nature of affiliate marketing that the most promising products attract hundreds or even thousands of affiliate marketers. Some of the top Internet marketing programs have affiliates numbering in the hundreds of thousands.

In the Internet marketing business niche for example competition is notoriously fierce. Simply putting up a website with a product sales page is not enough in this niche market.

Indeed, many people find that even after energetically marketing their business and their sales volume remains disappointingly low. The reason for this is that most affiliate marketers do not do enough to differentiate themselves from the crowd.

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I have been a member of for a few years now (since the program was launched in 2008), and an upgraded member since the launch of LeadsLeap 2.0 in January 2016. (Some of the ads in the column on the right of this blog post are serviced by LeadsLeap.)

A few days ago LeadsLeap launched a new service called “LeadsLeap Social Review,” which is the topic of today’s blog post.

What is LeadsLeap Social Review?

LeadsLeap Social Review allows members to post reviews of affiliate programs that they have joined. Reviewers can enter their affiliate links for the program they are reviewing and their links will be rotated.

When visitors to the review site click the program name, they will actually be clicking one of the reviewers’ affiliate links and landing on their affiliate page. If you have posted a review, you are effectively giving yourself an opportunity to generate some free referrals from LeadsLeap.

In addition, you can also add five of your favourite affiliate programs, and your recommendations will be included alongside your review whenever it is shown. You can write as many different reviews as you like, and the more you write, the more often your top-five programs will be shown.

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Look for ways to save money in your daily life that you can use to fund your online business…

Having looked at some options for starting a home business in last week’s post, today I want to look at raising cash for your business when on a tight budget. The first step is finding hidden money to invest in your home business.

The key is to look at not just your current budget but all of your shopping and purchase habits.

Here are a few questions to get you started:

  • Do you take a packed lunch to work or eat at the restaurant or fast food joint down the block?
  • Do you walk to the corner market or do you drive?

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