Do you find it difficult to recruit people into your downline?

Do you feel frustrated when the people who join your business do nothing and do not respond to you when you reach out to them?

What about your sponsor? Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a sponsor who actually supported you and rewarded you for your efforts…

What if there was an online business program that was free to join, where your sponsor offered you a marketing campaign that can be duplicated by everybody in your downline?

A sponsor who rewarded YOUR referrals, and the action takers in their downlines too…?

That is exactly what I am doing right now for the action takers in my SFI downline!

I have been with SFI since 2007, and over the years I have run various competitions and tweaked and improved them as I gained more and more experience as an Internet marketer, team leader and SFI affiliate.

Here’s what I can offer you if you decide to join SFI with me or anybody in my SFI downline as your sponsor:


Every month you, and your SFI affiliates, can win up to $25 in my monthly “Team VP Challenge”…


Every month you can win up to 6 new referrals, who I recruit straight into your downline for you. Your affiliates can also win up to 6 new referrals from me each month.


I have created an effective SFI marketing funnel which pulls new affiliates into my downline and builds a relationship with them for me, thanks to my autoresponder email follow-up series.

(This is my secret SFI recruiting weapon! And it’s deadly effective! Best of all, it works for me on complete autopilot 24/7.)

I will set up the exact same marketing funnel free of charge for anybody in my SFI team, and that includes YOU, no matter where you are in my downline, as well as for YOUR affiliates AND their downlines too!

So, if you are feeling frustrated with your upline and your downline, if you are starved of the success you deserve, come and join my SFI team (FREE) and get in touch with me so we can get your business moving for you.

Just one warning, though… If I am your sponsor, there will be NO EXCUSES from now on if you fail to build your business!

Here’s to your success,

From one engaged and determined Internet marketer to another,

David Hurley
SFI Silver Team Leader



To celebrate the launch of MyPayingAds 2.0 earlier this month, I will be running an MPA Cash Competition all through April!

What Is MyPayingAds?

MyPayingAds is an online advertising program which sells Banner ads, Text ads, Login ads, Traffic Exchange Ads, and Paid-To-Click ads. You may use these services to advertise your offer to MyPayingAds members and visitors.

MyPayingAds shares the revenues earned on four different advertising packages up to 120%.

In addition, members who have purchased an advertising package can also earn by clicking Paid-To-Click ads on the site.

You can also earn 10% commission on all purchases made by your personal referrals.


Click to find out about SFI Gift Certificates.

Join My MPA Competition & Win A Cash Prize In April!

I am offering SIX cash prizes, worth a total of $200, which will be delivered to the winners via Paypal or as SFI Gift Certificates (if you are in my SFI downline) in May 2016:

  • 1st Prize = $100
  • 2nd Prize = $50
  • 3rd Prize = $20
  • 4th Prize = $15
  • 5th Prize = $10
  • 6th Prize = $5

 Everybody Wins Bonus Ad Credits!

PLUS, everybody who buys at least one MPA ad-pack will get 2,000 free Commission Funnel website credits (IF I am your sponsor).

MPA offers four ad-pack plans, starting from as little as $5, so even if you do not win a cash prizes, you will still be nicely ahead simply by entering the competition.

(Note: If I am not your sponsor in Commission Funnel, drop me a line and we can arrange to deliver the ad credits through another program, by mutual agreement.)

How To Win A Prize In My MPA Cash Competition…

How do you win a cash prize in my MPA competition?

Easy! Join MyPayingAds through my affiliate link (my username = hirohurl) and buy ad packs (and any other advertising service offered by MPA).

You will be able to follow your progress on the Competition Leaderboard that will be updated daily through April

Find Out More About My April MPA Cash Competition

I have posted more details about my April MyPayingAds Cash Competition elsewhere on my blog at:

Rules and conditions are posted here:

Want to know more about MyPayingAds 2.0?


If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact me or post them as comments, below.

Here’s to a dynamic start to the second quarter of this year!

All the best,

David Hurley



Brian Rooney of has made a video that shows you how to place a Trafficwave autoresponder email opt-in form on your WordPress blog posts and pages without using a plug-in.

You can do it in five simple steps:

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In our e-book, Profit From The Viral Mailer Safelist Revolution , Rina Baxter and I explained three ways to improve your results when promoting on viral mailers and safelists.

They are still my top three safelist marketing tactics today. They are:

1. Aim to build your own list first.

2. Target your e-mails to the people you are mailing to.

3. Use safelist campaigns to raise your profile through personal branding.

Safelist Marketing Tactic #1: Build Your List

You might think that you don’t need to build a list of your own when safelists give you instant access to several thousand members already.

But that is a mistake.

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Niche Blog Training is the process of learning the art of promoting offers through relevant keywords and good quality content. The aim is to attract people who are already interested in finding such product and who search for them via Google and other search engines.

Niche blogging can take years to master if you don’t have access to an experienced coach or top-level training program.

However, once you have mastered this skill you will have an effective method of growing multiple streams of online income.

When you search online for niche blog training programs you will find two that stand out more than most: Empower Network and Wealthy Affiliate.

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