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How often do you let an opportunity pass you by because you don’t know how to exploit it?

Lack of internet-marketing skills is perhaps the biggest cause of frustration for people who want to start an online business. Yet there are countless training resources all over the web if you know where to find them.

To help you seek them out, here is a list of 12 ways you can use the Internet to boost your online marketing skills.

1. Online Training Programs

Wealthy AffiliateThis is one of the most effective ways to learn, provided you have the right training program. You need a program with coaches who are highly experienced and successfully doing it NOW.

You could join a one-on-one training program with a private coach, but hiring a private coach can be expensive. On the other hand, there is an excellent online business training program called Wealthy Affiliate which gives you access to excellent business training courses and a ton of videos and webinars by a host of online marketing experts, as well as one-on-one coaching whenever you need it.

A great coaching program will allow to you learn at your own pace, make available all the tools you need to put the lessons into practice and provide community support at the click of a button. Wealthy Affiliate is one such program; and it delivers a whole lot more.

Click here to view a video I made explaining the Wealthy Affiliate training program.

2. Forum Posts

These can be a continuous source of up-to-date industry trends. Wherever like-minded people meet up you can be sure that a lot of useful ideas will be shared and exchanged. You just have to be able to separate the gems from the junk because forums are rich in both…

The most popular online business forum continues to be

3. E-books


Ebooks offer instant access detailed information on a wide range of Internet marketing topics.

If you are looking for information on a specific skill such as “How To Use Traffic Exchanges,” you can find more detailed information in a good-quality e-book.

Ebooks are typically cheaper than paperback books, and it is worth paying a few dollars to get instant access to quality information in this way. Just be sure to check the reviews of the ebook before you buy.

There are thousands of them available on online marketplaces such as TripleClicks and JVZoo, as well as Amazon’s Kindle marketplace.

4. Online Tutorials

Enough digging through the right sites will reveal great internet marketing tutorials. Most experts in internet marketing offer tutorials to their followers via blogs. However, most of these tutorials are specific to the programs they promote.

Click here to read my mini-course on how to leverage your online business.

5. Join a Free Affiliate Program

If you haven’t noticed, good affiliate programs offer free training. This is a great way to get basic training, just to get the hang of things.

Perhaps the best free Internet Income training course I’ve seen was done by George Little exclusively for SFI.

Click here to read more about SFI.

6. Video Tutorial Courses

Sites like Udemy and Instant e-Training are dedicated to selling video training courses. A word of advice though; you might want to stick with videos that have plenty of good reviews to avoid disappointment.

Also, it is always worth searching YouTube before you buy an expensive video training course. YouTube is packed with all sorts of training videos that you can watch free of charge.

7. Coaching Newsletters

If you can’t afford to pay for one-on-one coaching, your e-mail address can get you back-door access. Just sign up to the coach’s list and you will get invaluable nuggets of information through newsletters. It’s also a great way to preview snippets of the one-on-one service without any financial commitment.

8. Webinars & Podcasts

This one is a no-brainer, period. No expert is going to waste their time talking trash with a bunch of random people on the phone.

Be assured that serious knowledge transfers will happen and you will get a rare chance to ask questions and get instant answers!

Follow my podcasts on SoundCloud!

9. Conferences and Events

Never under-estimate the power of face-to-face interactions. When you attend conferences you draw knowledge from both speakers and fellow delegates. Conferences are simply the best way to network and build up a sense of community.

Suddenly, you will see yourself as part of a group of people who are living the Internet business lifestyle that you aspire to. Attending events makes everything more “real” and can be very inspiring.

10. Learn-As-You-Do

In the corporate world, they call it on-the-job training. You know that practice makes perfect, right? And theoretical knowledge is worthless until it is applied. Unless you get your hands dirty, test and prove your concepts online; whatever you think you’re capable of might just be a pipe-dream!

In short, do not “wait until all your ducks are lined up” but start promoting your business TODAY, even if it is not yet perfect or you do not completely know what you are doing… THAT is how you begin to develop the skills you need to acquire.

11. Following Successful Bloggers

Successful people usually blog about how they do certain things. Smart learners don’t just read these blogs for the fun of it. Believe it or not, one of the most common reasons why most experienced internet marketers blog is to help others “get it.”

One good place to follow bloggers (and syndicate your own blog content) is

Another way to follow bloggers is to “like” their Facebook page (if they have one to promote their blog). You can follow HomeBizWeekly by clicking the “like” button at the top of this blog.

12. Facebook Mastermind Groups

Facebook is more than just a place to re-connect with old friends or fish for cheap traffic. You can also tap into networks full of experts who will freely share million-dollar ideas. Though they’re usually members-only “clubs,” mastermind groups are an amazing source of personalized internet marketing training.

These are just a few of the many ways of learning invaluable skills in the industry. You can only be limited by your zeal to learn all there is to becoming a successful online marketer.

So, have you tried any of these methods? How did they help you learn new skills to drive your business forward? Post a comment below to share your experience with us.

David Hurley

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