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shinynewrevshareAre you still looking to create your first, or an additional online income stream in 2016?

Perhaps it’s time you paid attention to the simplest ways currently available online – Revenue Sharing Advertising Programs or simply “rev-shares“. Over the last four years they’ve become a favourite income stream for both beginners and seasoned internet marketers alike.

Mushrooming Opportunities or Viral Scams?

Rev-shares are not a brand new online phenomenon. They’ve simply evolved over the last few years into simpler business models which allow anybody to build their online income, even without any marketing experience.

Even before the current generation of rev-share advertising sites, the concept of “getting paid to advertise” had already been developed by Brian Rooney with the launch of The Online Ad Network (TOAN) in 2008. TOAN remains one of the best banner advertising affiliate programs online today. ( Click Here for some more detailed reviews of TOAN elsewhere on this blog.)

The rev-share principle is simple yet highly effective. Sell online advertising services, generate traffic for advertisers and pay members by sharing profits.

The simplicity resulted in rev-shares becoming an instant hit, and tons of marketers continue to make serious money with them.

Sadly, the same popularity has misled the uninitiated into believing that all rev shares offer equal profit opportunities.

However, only a few of the hundreds of rev-shares that currently exist are worth your time. In fact, the majority seem to be run by shady characters who are only out to make a quick buck with your money…

So while the rev-share model is viable, not all rev-shares should be taken as profitable opportunities. The industry is laced with untrustworthy program owners who simply buy scripts off the shelf and create worthless scams.

Most rev-share sites are seeking to jump on the bandwagon without developing a solid program based on good ethics and real products and services.

Of course, good ethics are quite difficult to copy just like that! If you look at the two most successful rev-shares which have stood the test of time, MyAdvertisingPays and MyPayingAds , you can see that four key rev-share principles are clearly in play.

4 Factors That Every Rev-Share Program Should Have

1. Quality Service Based Program

An advertising revshare program must sell quality traffic to advertisers’ websites. There has to be an underlying product available for sale, otherwise the whole thing is a pyramid. To share any revenue, members should generate sales. When members generate sales, they can rightly expect a share of the profit made by the company.

2. Solid Business Model

If the rev-share part forms the basic business model in itself, without a supporting range of advertising services; save yourself the trouble. Any revshare operating on such a skewed model is doomed to fail, period. Profitable revshares don’t mimic HYIPs, they simply offer great advertising services and split the profits.

3. Realistically Sustainable Earnings

Have you seen rev-shares with super-fast earning ad packs which offer incredible promises about daily earning rates?

If you have, you will also have noted how short-lived they are!

It’s pretty straightforward, you cannot pay out more than your daily sales revenue. Even if payouts equal sales, who pays for the admin expenses? It takes no rocket scientist to realize that sooner or later, the program will collapse.

4. Track Record

The profitable rev-share model is largely consistent, with minor differences in frills offered from one good program to another.

There is a reason why programs like MAP, MPA and TOAN have survived through such industry challenges and emerge profitable for members. It is definitely profitable to go with those revshares that have proven their worth over time.

Rev-Share Success Is An Open Secret

There is serious money to be made in Rev Share programs. But only if you become selective about the ones you join.

If you’re attracted by every shiny new program that pops up, then you’d better have plenty of cash to throw to the wolves.

On the other hand, if you’re interested in building a sustainable business and grow your online income for years to come, you’ll see through the pseudo-HYIPs and only join real and proven Rev-Share programs.

David Hurley

P. S. Click Here to see which tried-and-tested revenue-sharing and other programs I recommend.

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