If your blog posts fail to attract visitors even after you share them on social media, it could be because your headlines are lame and unappealing.

Here are five quick tips based on recent research to help you beef up your headlines and attract more clicks, likes and shares…

1. Add A Human Touch

According to Garrett Moon of CoSchedule.com the most-shared headlines are those with a human touch. Headlines relating to topics such as food (54%), home (18%) and lifestyle (15%) are shared more often than business-related headlines (10%).


If you are running a blog about home-based Internet marketing think about how you can use food, home and lifestyle topics as analogies and metaphors for your business topics.

A good way to do that is to begin by telling a story based on your own life or experience and then relate the “moral” of the story to the business message that you want to communicate.

2. Use Second Person Pronouns

Seven percent of the most popular headlines analyzed by CoSchedule.com spoke directly to the reader by using second person pronouns – “you,” “your,” and “yours.”

In this way, you create a personal touch that will help your readers to see – and feel – how your message relates directly to them.

3. Inject Emotion Into Your Headlines

Emotive headlines tend to be shared more than intellectual ones, so it makes sense to add emotion to your headlines. You can check your headlines by plugging them into this free emotive content checker on the Advanced Marketing Institute website.

4. Offer Your Readers A List!

Headlines which offer a list of “7 secrets…” or “5 easy ways…” or “3 quick and easy tips…” and so on tend to be popular as they appeal to our sense of curiosity and desire for instant gratification.

Lists are also highly-sharable because everybody likes to be “in the know” and sharing a list is a quick way to convey to your tribe that you are informed and in touch.

5. Use Different Headlines On Different Social Sites

You will get better results if you vary your headline for each social media channel that you use. Social media sites are not all the same and tend to attract different demographics.

You will have to test and tweak your headlines and build up some experience and insight into what works for you across social media sites.

As a quick guide, keep things warm and personal on Facebook, use more food-related images on Pinterest and be more businesslike on Linkedin.

How Did I Do With My Headline?

I guess now I’ve talked the talk I should walk the walk and check the headline I used for this blog post…

I plugged it into CoSchedule’s free headline analyzer and tweaked it to get this result:

sentimentThe “Uncommon Words” (listed above) seem far from uncommon to me, but I guess the analyzer is really just checking common occurrences of words and “make” and “more” appear less frequently than “to” and “your.”

According to the Emotive Content Checker, my headline only scores 11.11% for emotional content but is highly “spiritual!” LOL However, CoSchedule rates it as having “positive sentiment” so I am sticking with it as it is.

David Hurley


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