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Today it is easier and cheaper than ever before to start your own business. You can set up a website and an autoresponder service and get your products and services in front of your target audience in less than a day and for very little outlay.

But just because it is easy to get started does not mean that you will succeed. Most people never get any further than getting started. So let’s look at five things you need to do to give yourself the best chance of succeeding with your online business. Success is still not guaranteed, but if you do these things you are much less likely to fail than those who do not do them…

1. Build A Platform

A “platform” is a place online where you can be seen and get your message across. A platform consists of two parts, a blog and an autoresponder.

Yes, you need a website and an autoresponder, the two key “evergreen” tools for building a sustainable business online.

You need a website to build your brand and inform your customers and target market about your products and services.

You need an autoresponder to build your list and communicate with your list subscribers.

Do not penny pinch on these essentials.

I recommend that you set yourself up with a self-hosted WordPress blog and use the Trafficwave autoresponder service to build your list.

2. Serve Others

If your primary business objective is to “make money” you will probably fail.

Sure, it is fine to want to make a lot of money, but you need to be motivated by something other than money – something to do with serving others in a specific way.

Your service will then provide the focus for your business and open up a channel for well-earned profits to start flowing.

3. Narrow Your Focus

Do not hop from opportunity to opportunity looking for instant riches. Stop adding extra products and programs to your portfolio.

Instead, narrow your focus as much as you can. Narrow your target market down to a very specific-but-still-lucrative sub-niche.

Narrow the range of your products and services and focus on making them the best on the market.

Put on blinkers and ignore the shiny new objects.

4. Set Quarterly Goals

12weekyearSet a very few clear business-building goals each quarter and set in place a process for achieving them.

Break each goal into weekly targets, and then schedule daily actions that will move you towards those targets.

Read The 12 Week Year by Brian Moran to learn how to do this most effectively.

5. Fix Your Weakest Link

About once a month review your business and find your weakest link because that is what you need to focus on fixing first of all.

If you are new to online business, you will probably have several weak links. However, if you are not yet getting any sales your weakest link will most probably be targeted traffic.

In that case, spend the next month working on bringing an increasing volume of targeted traffic to your landing pages.

Next month, if you have fixed the traffic problem, move on to the next weakest link and focus on making it stronger.

Follow those five tips and no matter what state your business is in today, it will be in a better state this time next month!

David Hurley


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