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sfimgbnr2Have you been wondering if you could make any money as an SFI affiliate?

You’re definitely not the only one searching for such information. I have seen many SFI forum posts and discussions around the same topic!

What I noted is that most people only scratch the surface when it comes to unpacking the SFI business opportunity. They totally miss those opportunities which make the program so suitable for building a long term online income.

$100 Signing Bonus!

SFI is free to join, and you are never charged a monthly fee. The “$100 Signing Bonus” shown in the banner is real, and you receive portions of it as you progress in the business. You can also increase your bonus by hitting key goals. My signing bonus has reached a total of $200 as I write this! 🙂


Here’s a screenshot of my Signing Bonus, September 2016.

To make good progress, you need to be truly committed to SFI, and I believe you need to be willing to invest some of your own money to build up your business faster and more effectively.

With that in mind, here are five of the most valuable resources to help you build a successful online business when you join SFI as an affiliate.

1. Build A Legitimate Online Income Stream

Affiliate marketing is by far one of the simplest ways of earning an online income. However, with thousands of affiliate programs available online it can be difficult to know if a program is genuine or not.

SFI has been online for almost two decades now. During that time, it has become one of the most trusted online business opportunities available to anyone, anywhere in the world. With a multitude of ways to earn, the opportunity to make real money is as real as it can ever get! – Check out the SFI Testimonials Page to see what I mean.

2. Training & Mentoring Opportunity

Whether you need training or you have the skill and passion to mentor others, SFI is the place for you. This is particularly true if you join the right SFI team of engaged individuals who are committed, experienced, and willing to help you succeed.

Although your success is not linked to your sponsor’s performance, a dedicated sponsor will enhance the quality of your results and the speed with which you achieve them. I have experienced this first hand with my own SFI training program which has resulted in a highly engaged team of successful SFI Affiliates.

3. Launchpad For Your Own Products

ECAbannerYour SFI membership gives you free access to another huge marketplace, Tripleclicks online store, where you can sell not just digital products but just about anything!

Tripleclicks attracts hundreds of thousands of customers from all over the world and is promoted by thousands of SFI affiliates. You can sell one-off items through the store, or you can set up your own E-Commerce Associate site, and use Tripleclicks as a platform to launch, test and sell your own products and services to a worldwide marketplace.

4. Downline Building Tools

Downline building tools will simply help you fill downline positions faster. SFI offers products such as S-Builder Coop and an affiliate purchasing service (PSAs-To-Go) to build your team at your own preferred speed.

However, recruiting an army of downline affiliates doesn’t quite translate into having a team; which is where most folks lose it.

5. Team Building Tools

SFI emphasizes team building, which will definitely make you more successful than the guy who carelessly builds a huge army.

Team building includes training, mentoring and motivating your referrals so as to convert them into action takers who duplicate your own activities (or develop their own way of building their SFI business). Without team building, you just have a mass of tire kickers who simply “joined yet another free online program.”

SFI give you a set of tools that allow you to run your own ad co-op, give away Tripleclicks Gift-Certificates, and reward your team with T-Credits (SFI’s “in-house” currency) as well as some excellent training and communication tools.

In addition to those tools, I also offer my personal SFI training program and marketing funnel to my action takers to help them achieve their goals faster.


SFI has stood the test of time, and has thousands of safisfied affiliates and customers all over the world. However, identifying the profit-making opportunities within the program is the basic requirement for achieving success. If you walk in blindly, you will waste valuable time hoping you’ll somehow stumble upon a streak of success someday.

Join my SFI team and I’ll show you how to get these five profit-creating opportunities to work together in order to push your business forward.

All the best,

David Hurley


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