sfibanner447The one program that I have been since I first started online affiliate marketing in 2007 is Strong Future International (SFI).

2007 seems like a long time ago now, but back then, when I signed up to SFI, the program was already eight years old having been started by Gery Carson back in 1999!

So I guess you could say that SFI isn’t a fly-by-night get-rich-quick scheme.

1. Give It Time!

Yes, building an online business with SFI (or any legitimate online business) will take time and effort and you may even feel like quitting just inches from success.

Success in an offline business typically takes 2-3 years of effort. That’s the point when most businesses finally break even and start turning a profit.

Looking back, I was just about breaking even month-by-month with SFI by 2009.

Then, when SFI launched Tripleclicks in 2009, I became an E-Commerce Associate and was able to increase my SFI-related income by selling my own goods and services on the site.

If I had quit in 2008, when I was not making any money, I would have missed out on all the fantastic innovations – and income-earning opportunities – SFI has introduced since then.

The point is that real entrepreneurs last the whole journey. Quitters typically have no long-term plan and only short term dreams. Sorry but it’s true, most people who fail with online business simply give up too soon, usually the first time they experience “failure” or get burned on a bad business decision.

But I digress…

2. SFI will train you…

sfilaunchpadJoin SFI and you will get free access to SFI’s Launchpad online business training series. Launchpad has eleven content-packed chapters with over fifty sub-chapters covering all aspects of running a successful online business as an SFI affiliate.

3. Free to Join – No Auto-Ship!

SFI is free to join and is 100% product-sales focused.

However, there is no forced auto-ship of products, no membership fees to get the business plan, and you sell real products for retail prices like any affiliate program.

You can also profit from the activity of your referrals.

In SFI you generate income by earning “Versapoints” for sales and referral activities through up to 12 levels of your downline. Every Versapoint is worth a share of the profits generated on SFI’s  Tripleclicks shopping site.

4. Why it makes sense to invest in SFI

SFI is free to join, and there are no membership fees at all. However, you can increase your SFI income by making a regular monthly investment in goods and services, including SFI business-building products.

For example, I have a standing order for SFI’s “S-Builder Co-op,” which pulls in several new referrals per month and also helps me to build my business and grow my income every month.

I also invest in my growing team by running two monthly competitions. I reward my top performers with Gift Certificates which they can spend on Tripleclicks and offer my highest ranking team members one or more shares in my “Guaranteed Sign-Ups” co-op. The total cost to me remains a fixed expense every month, even as my team – and my commissions – steadily increase.

5. SFI protects against Spammers and Scammers

SFI has some of the best security online. They catch fraud fast and delete the accounts of anyone who is gaming the system.

Likewise according to the terms of your affiliate agreement, you cannot participate in any form of SPAM (unsolicited advertising).

This includes social networks, blog comments, and even means those spam groups people create to be able to SPAM each other on social networks against the network’s policies. Every SFI affiliate must stay in compliance with the U.S.A. Can Spam Act because SFI is a U.S.-based company, regardless of your local laws.

6. SFI is a real business that has stood the test of time.

Now, at the time of this post, SFI is in its 18th year of business and its parent company has been in business for over 30 years. SFI is a business that was here long before most other online businesses were even dreamed of, and will be here long after they are gone.

SFI is accredited by the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating.

Even so, you can find some negative reviews if you search for them. In 18 years a lot of people quit before they reached success, some after putting a few hundred or even a few thousand dollars into their business, but as I said earlier, they still failed because the owners had short term dreams and no long term goals.

Meanwhile, SFI has around 1.6 million affiliates and 5 million plus TripleClicks shoppers who are largely satisfied with the 3,000 or more vendors and 90,000 products that are available.

In the end, I cannot guarantee you will make money with any program online, I can however guarantee that with SFI you will get the tools and training that have helped hundreds of thousands of marketers to succeed.

In the end, SFI is a legitimate business, and it’s up to you to do the work and keep going until you see success.

If you join my team you will also get a BIG helping hand to success. Click Here to find out how!

See you on the inside!

David Hurley


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