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My sponsor, Ray Smith, asked me if I would make a MAPs testimonial video for a MyAdvertisingPays event in Belfast that he is hosting on Saturday 11th April.

So, here it is, my first testimonial video for MyAdvertisingPays:

In the video I talk about withdrawing cash from my MAPs account last month to help fund a family holiday. Here is a screenshot of my MAPs Quick Stats, taken on 2nd April, just before our trip:


Adventure World, Japan

On Friday 3rd April, we caught the bullet train from Hiroshima (where we live) to Shin-Osaka, and then the super express train to Shirahama in Wakayama Prefecture. I made sure I went equipped with a few essentials…

On the bullet train to Osaka.

On the bullet train to Osaka.

We went to Wakayama to visit Adventure World and see the giant pandas and the twin panda cubs that were born there earlier this year. Adventure World is the most successful giant panda breeding centre outside of China. In eight out of the last 15 years a total of 12 panda cubs have been born and all have survived. They are all the offspring of one super-stud panda called Eimei.

The weather did not look very promising and it rained heavily on the evening of our arrival in Shirahama. However, the next day the rain held off and we were able to do much more than see the giant pandas.


In spite of the crowds, we did not have to queue for a long time for any of the activities. Although there was a long queue to see the giant panda cubs, the queue was arranged so that you could view the cubs well before you got to the prime viewing spot.


We managed to fit a lot into our day at Adventure World:

* Giant pandas

* Roller coaster (my first experience…)

* Tour of the safari park in a rented cart…

* Big wheel…

* Dolphin show (the best I’ve ever seen…)

* Go kart racing…

* Pony riding…

* Indoor roller coaster

* Several other rides…

* Polar bears…

Setting My MAPs Account To Vacation Mode

On Thursday evening I set my MAPs account to vacation mode, paying $15 from my advertising budget to cover the three days that we were away (Friday to Sunday).

That meant I did not have to click 10 ads a day but still earned the daily profit share and referral commissions.

For the first time in almost a year I did not even log in to my account for a couple of days, so I had a nice treat when we got back to Hiroshima. 🙂

Now it is back to the hard work of spending five minutes a day clicking ten ads to earn my keep with MyAdvertisingPays!

If you are in Ireland and would like to learn more, book a place at Ray’s event near Belfast – if there are any tickets left – or join my MAPs team and see if you can win some free credit packs from me in my Quarterly MAPs Credit Pack Competition which is going on right now…


David Hurley



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