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Before I get into the best online business ideas in 2017 I’d like to wish all my blog visitors a Happy & Prosperous New Year! I’m kicking off the new year with a “David’s Diary” post in which I take a more personal look at what’s up with Internet marketing…

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David in his den attempting to make a point about something or other…

How Was 2016 For You?

2016 was a particularly eventful year in the online affiliate marketing arena as well as in the world at large. It can sometimes be a challenge to stay focussed on your own goals amid all the news and chatter about events outside of your control…

Don’t expect 2017 to be any less eventful “out there” than 2016 was…

That makes it essential that you get some clarity about your goals for the coming year and WRITE THEM DOWN. Then narrow your focus to exclude as much of the outside chatter and other distractions as possible.

One of my goals is to make 2017 the best ever year for my online business so far. To help me achieve that goal, I have set out a list of my best online business ideas for the coming year. These are the programs and strategies I will focus on during the year.

Of course, things may change as the year progresses, and I will adjust accordingly. But right now on 1st January, here is my recommended course of action for online affiliate marketers:

My Best Online Business Ideas in 2017

1. Build Your Brand with an Online Business Blog

This is NOT the instant solution that some people may be looking for, but it is by far the BEST online business idea in 2017. And in any other year in the age of the Internet.

WA: One of the best online business ideas in 2017A blog gives you your own real-estate on the Internet. As long as you pay your hosting and domain fees and are with a reputable web hosting service such as your blog will always be there.

(And YES, it is definitely worth investing some extra dollars each month in top-notch hosting, especially when it comes with excellent training for business bloggers …)

A blog enables you to build your brand by offering valuable advice to your target market. It gives you a platform to build your business, grow your mailing list and help your target audience get to know you.

A Blog Keeps You In Business When Programs Fail (like they did in 2016)

If an affiliate program you are promoting goes down the tubes, you won’t suffer too much if you keep your main focus on your blog. You can edit the program out of your blog and switch your focus to new programs, products or services very easily.

We saw in 2016 how FAST things beyond our control can change. The biggest example of that in our industry was Paypal’s decision to on any form of incentive-based advertising. Dozens of programs that seemed like “established” sites in 2015 did not survive 2016.

The biggest crash was Traffic Monsoon, which was hit by a double-whammy: first Paypal froze their cash for 180 days, and then they were prosecuted by the SEC, who took over their newly released assets and their website. We await the verdict some time in 2017.

If you had put all your cash and effort into one or more of the now defunct programs (there is a long list) then you would have lost everything when the program(s) crashed.

My point is NOT that affiliate programs are bad. Far from it. I believe affiliate marketing to be a lucrative business model.

It is simply that one of the best online business ideas in 2017 will be to build your business around a site that YOU can control (i.e. your own business blog). That way you can stay in control of your business no matter what happens to this or that affiliate program.

2. Tap Into Proven Revenue-Sharing Programs

Revenue-sharing advertising programs have revolutionised the online advertising and affiliate marketing industries over the last three or four years. Gradually, the rev-share advertising platform model has been improved as program owners learnt from one another.

The big survivor of the Paypal shake-up in 2016 was MyPayingAds which is now my primary revenue share recommendation. I am expecting MyPayingAds to continue to grow through the coming year and continue to generate business traffic and revenue-shares.

Alongside MPA, I am currently testing a program called The Traffic Income whose platform is similar to that of MPA, but with a different ad-pack structure and $1 entry-level packs which makes it very easy to get started.

Also, watch out for the launch of the third generation MAP site, The Advert Platform, which promises to take the revenue-sharing model to a new level with a strong social media sharing component built into the profit share…

3. Dropshipping on Tripleclicks: One Of The Best Online Business Ideas in 2017…?

I have been involved with SFI since April 2007! Woah, I’ve nearly hit my first DECADE in the program!

Anyway, in case you don’t know, SFI launched the Tripleclicks online store in January 2009. Since then Tripleclicks has evolved into a major online shopping, gaming, penny auction and dropshipping site.

In 2016 I started noticing that several of our Serbian affiliate partners have run with the concept of using Tripleclicks as a portal for dropshipping businesses. I have also successfully bought a few products from E-Commerce dropshipping sites on Tripleclicks and will be buying more in 2017. (Note: every time I buy goods and services on Tripleclicks, I earn “VersaPoints” which improve my rank/qualifications/commissions as an SFI affiliate.)

Today, SFI affiliates received a New Year message from SFI owner, Gery Carson, in which he stated:

In 2016, our major focus was on SFI.  In 2017, our main focus will be on TripleClicks.  More specifically, our focus will be on improving TripleClicks in ways designed to substantially accelerate sales.  Hence, we’re calling 2017, “Year of the sale!”

To that end, we will be aggressively addressing:

  • E-Commerce Associate quality
  • Shipping & delivery
  • Product selection
  • Site user-friendliness

We want to greatly expand product offerings and improve shipping and delivery.  We want to improve the experience of all persons visiting TripleClicks.  We want to make all parts of TripleClicks mobile-friendly.

That is very promising and another reason why I believe one of the best online business ideas in 2017 would be to set up an ECA site on Tripleclicks and work with reputable dropshippers to build an online dropshipping business either as your main business or as a side-hustle in 2017.

Whatever you decide to do this year, write down your goals and stay focussed on them. Be determined to make 2017 one of the most productive and profitable year’s of your life online so far!

All the best,

David Hurley

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