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David’s Diary

More personal posts about what I am up to with my online business and other stuff.

David in his den attempting to make a point about something or other...

“David’s Diary” is where I talk mainly about what I’ve been up to in my online business…

My first MyPayingAds Credit Pack Competition ran all through November and finished yesterday with six out of 17 participants sharing the $200 prize pot!

Here are the results:

  • 1st Prize ($100) goes to Ivan Arburtha
  • 2nd Prize ($50) goes to Geoff Yong
  • 3rd Prize ($20) goes to Clair James
  • 4th Prize ($15) goes to John Miller
  • 5th Prize ($10) goes to Rina Baxter
  • 6th Prize ($5) goes to Perry Rosenfeld

Congratulations to Ivan for taking first place, and to all the cash prize winners! I will PIF the cash to the winners’ MPA accounts over the next few days.

Thank you also to the other 11 participants. This was my biggest competition so far in terms of numbers of participants.

Everybody who took part also qualified for 2,000 free credits on theTrafficSwirl traffic exchange.

If you took part in the competition and have not yet claimed your free credits, drop me a line and let me know your TrafficSwirl username so that I can add the credits to your account.

SFI November Goals (mostly) Achieved!

November was a good month for me in SFI. To my surprise, when I clicked My “Goals” tab to earn a VersaPoint on 30th November, I saw that I had actually completed all but one of the goals I set at the beginning of the month:



Wow, that has not happened very often, partly, I must admit, because I had not put much thought into the goals I was setting in SFI each month, even though I know the importance of goal-setting.

SFI: Constantly Innovating & Improving

SFI is one of the most innovative affiliate businesses online today. Improvements are constantly being made. In November, a new sign up incentive was launched, with a well designed and effective new squeeze page to help affiliate refer more team members. I have experience a jump in sign ups both for myself and my team.

Setting & Tracking My Goals In SFI

From now on, I will try and track my monthly SFI goals more carefully and seek to improve on them month by month. With the screenshot of my results for November 2015 posted earlier, I feel that I have something I can measure myself against.

Here are the goals I have set for this month. As you can see, I have tweaked some of them upwards based on my performance in November…


Meanwhile, Here In Hiroshima…

A hectic month beckons here in Hiroshima. My first Christmas party is with one of my community centre English conversation classes on Thursday 3rd December. We’ll be having lunch at the Coral Hotel just across the water from the “Holy Island” of Miyajima.

Two days later I will be zooming up to Osaka on the bullet train with my wife and daughter, Eileen, to see my daughter’s hero, Ramin Karimloo at the Umeda Arts Theater where he is performing in The Prince of Broadway. Ramin Karimloo is also currently playing Jean Valjean in the Broadway revival of Les Miserables. Eileen was captivated by his performance of Enjolras in the 25th anniversary performance at the 02 arena, the DVD of which she watched over and over again.

The following week we are hoping to see a production of Les Miserables performed by pupils of the International School in Hiroshima.

Meanwhile, one of my business partners – Okeiko House – is negotiating with a business group to have me coach Japanese businessmen in English presentation skills. If it comes off, it could bring together my English teaching and my business experience in a new and exciting challenge going into 2016.

Whatever happens, it’s going to be a hectic and fun-filled December!

David Hurley

David Hurley Internet Business Diary

“David’s Diary” is where I talk mainly about what I’ve been up to in my online business…

A couple of years ago I bought a Samsung Chromebook to take to the UK for the summer. I wanted a cheap and light laptop that I could carry around in my rucksack and live the Internet marketing dream of running my business from my hotel room, or any pub or cafe that offers Wi-Fi, and the Chromebook fitted the bill.

I wrote a review of the Samsung Chromebook on this blog about a year ago.

The only problem with the Sasmsung Chromebook was that it was not very strong or durable. It broke down after a few months under the daily pounding it received both from myself and my daughter (and my rucksack)…

For the last year or so I have made do with my nine year old Mac desktop, but it got to the point where the computer was overheating and suddenly shutting down after about half an hour, and then every few minutes after that.

Dell Chromebook 11

Dell Chromebook 11

Dell Chromebook 11 – a Chromebook build to last!

I had got used to the foibles of my old Mac, and when blogging or creating content, I would save my work every few seconds.

However, earlier this month, after experiencing repeated shutdowns, I couldn’t stand it any longer and suddenly grabbed my mobile phone and ordered a Dell Chromebook 11Dell Chromebook 11 from Amazon and received it two days later. Problem solved!

At least, it solved my online access problems, but there were a couple of pressing questions that I needed to find answers to…

  1. Is there a way for me to use Open Office to edit my ebook products on a Chromebook?
  2. How do you do stuff on a Chromebook such as grab screen shots and upload them to WordPress?

I Didn’t Know You Could Do That On A Chromebook!

Open Office Unbound!

I use Open Office to create and edit my ebooks and convert them into PDF files, but Open office is desktop-based. Now I have a Chromebook I really don’t want to have to keep logging in to the old computer (or buy a new desktop) simply to do my editing work…

A quick google search led me to – a cloud service that enables users of smart phones, tablets and Chromebook, to work with Open Office (and other platforms and apps) on their devices free of charge at the basic level! Hurrah!

Here’s RollApp’s introductory video:

How To Take Screenshots On A Chromebook

It turns out that it is just as easy to take any size of screenshot on a Chromebook as it is on a Mac or Windows computer:



The screenshots are saved to Chromebook’s drive. All the images in this report are screenshots that I took on Chromebook, compressed on and then renamed and uploaded to WordPress.

There are a whole other bunch of keyboard shortcuts for Chromebook listed on Google’s support site for Chromebooks.

This is a game-changer for me. I am cutting free of desktop computers along with desktops and making my online business 100% mobile and will run it entirely from my Chromebook and smart phone from now on. 🙂

David Hurley


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David Hurley