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commissionfunnel2CommissionFunnel.com is a manual traffic exchange which runs on the Ventrino script. It has a clean design and smooth surfing experience just like other Ventrino sites.

Free members can promote up to three sites, while upgraded members can promote up to ten sites on the exchange.

Nothing remarkable in that, so what attracted me to Commission Funnel?

Commission Funnel offers some key features that attracted my attention because I am always looking for ways to leverage my online advertising.

In this CommissionFunnel review I will show you how you too can use this site to leverage your traffic and earnings.

Please note that I am writing from the perspective of a Lifetime VIP Member. I took the $49.95 Lifetime Membership One Time Offer as soon as I had confirmed my email address. Buying lifetime memberships in selected advertising sites is the key to leveraging your advertising.

Okay, so, let’s get on to what attracted me to CommissionFunnel…

100% Commission for Upgraded Members!

joincommissionfunnelnowThis is a big one. Upgraded members earn 100% commission on all referral sales, including the Lifetime OTO, the permanent $99.95 Lifetime upgrade, and the monthly $9.95 and $12.95 upgrades as well as any other purchases.

Free members earn 35% commission, which is generous as commissions for free members on other sites are usually much lower.

100% commissions kick in for all upgraded members, no matter which upgrade option you take, from the $9.95 monthly to the full $99 Lifetime Membership offer that is permanently available on the site.

The $49.95 OTO VIP Lifetime offer and the $99.95 Lifetime Account differ in the amount of credits you receive each month.

  • The OTO Lifetime VIP gets you 250 credits per month
  • The on-site Lifetime Account gets you 1000 credits per month

The choice is yours. Personally, I will top up my monthly 250 credits by regularly surfing the site.

The point is that you pay ONCE and receive a monthly supply of credits for life, without ever having to pay again. That is what I mean my LEVERAGE!

Also, you only need ONE Lifetime sale to get your money back, after which, you will be getting 100% on your sales, and a supply of “free” traffic credits every single month.

No Waiting For Your Commission Payments

Whenever you make a sale, your commission will be paid immediately and directly into your Paypal account. No waiting for your commission balance to accumulate before the site owner pays you.

Daily Referral Lottery

commissionfunnellotteryHere’s another reason why I will be surfing the site as often as possible.

If you surf at least 50 sites in a day you will be entered into the daily referral lottery for a free, verified random referral.

Boost Your Referrals

You can also purchase packages of free, verified and active referrals from the “Referral Boost” section of your back office, whenever unassigned referrals are available. (At the time of writing this review, 194 verified and unassigned referrals are available for purchase.)

You can buy 3, 5, or 10 referrals as part of a package which includes credits and banner impressions.

Of course, there is no guarantee that the referrals will upgrade, but if they do, you will earn 35% or 100% commissions.

Another reason why you might want to buy referrals is because they may join other sites via your links in the downline builder…

36-Site Downline-Builder

Downline-builders are an often overlooked resource for building multiple streams of online income. Commission Funnel’s downline-builder includes several excellent traffic sites and marketing resources such as:

  • ViralMailProfits – I use this site to manage my email campaigns every day.
  • Trck.me – Track your traffic with this popular Tim Tech tracker.
  • EasyHits4U – The #1 traffic exchange on the Internet.
  • TrafficSwirl – A popular traffic exchange with a bunch of unique features.
  • Traffic-Splash – A traffic exchange with a big membership & above average CTR.
  • Tezac Traffic – Another very popular traffic exchange.
  • Social Viral Mailer – One of the best LFMVM safelist mailers on the market.
  • Continental Safelist – Another solid LFMVM safelist that is part of my advertising arsenal.
  • The Opt In – A fast and easy-to-use Ventrino safelist.
  • And 27 more sites!

Because Commission Funnel offers 35% and 100% commissions, both free and upgraded members are going to want to promote it, and are therefore more likely to fill in their downline-builders.

If your referrals do that, it is very likely that they will join some of the sites via the link in their back office, which will be embedded with YOUR referral ID if you fill in your downline-builder.

Downline-builders offer you another way to leverage your marketing activities. You only have to set yours up once and it will work for you again and again if you promote the site.

Sponsor Your Downline

Commission Funnel members can reward their referrals by giving away VIP Lifetime Memberships. You can purchase Sponsored Lifetime Memberships for $24.95 each and award them to your referrals.

Upgraded members get one FREE sponsored Lifetime Membership to give away.

You can use these free Lifetime Memberships as a way to reward your customers or team members in other programs. For example, you could run a referral competition in your primary affiliate program and offer a free VIP Lifetime Upgrade in Commission Funnel as the prize.

Of course, whenever your VIP Lifetime Members buy anything on Commission Funnel, you will earn 100% commission.

Custom Promo Codes

You can buy your own Commission Funnel promo code and use it to offer your prospects 100 Website Credits,
250 Banner Credits, 500 Text Ad Credits and 100 Banner Board Credits if they join via your affiliate link.

That can be an excellent way of pulling in more referrals as everybody likes to receive free credits!

Reward Your Downline

You can reward your referrals by sending them some of your credits. Again, this is a nice incentive and a good way to reward your customers or team members in other programs.

Email Your Downline

Another useful feature of Commission Funnel is the flexible email service. You can either email your verified referrals individually, or you can use the downline emailer to contact them all at once. This is a good way to motivate your team inside Commission Funnel. Do not spam them with other offers. Keep your emails related to Commission Funnel.

Other Features Include…

  • You can also earn banner and text ad credits by posting some banner or text ad code on your website.
  • You can earn credits by showing a rotator on other sites. The rotates members’ ads (not your ads) and you also get to promote Commission Funnel via the ad bar at the top of the rotator. Free members earn 1 credit per two ads shown. Upgraded members earn 1 for 1.
  • You can use another rotator to rotate your own ads on other sites while promoting Commission Funnel via the ad bar.
  • You can convert your credits to banner impressions and text ad impressions, and your banner impressions to credits and text ad impressions and so on. In short, any time you have a surplus of one type of ad credit, you can convert your surplus into another type of ad credit for maximum flexibility.


Taken together, the package on offer at Commission Funnel is both unique and impressive. As I write this the site is still quite new, but it is being promoted by some of the big names in the Ventrino stable and I believe the membership will continue to grow at a rapid pace.

After all, who doesn’t want to receive 100% commissions straight into their Paypal account and a lifetime supply of traffic credits?

In short, Commission Funnel is a new traffic exchange that offers excellent leverage potential and is well worth checking out. Click Here to Set Up Your Free Commission Funnel Account and watch out for the Lifetime VIP OTO after you have confirmed your membership…

David Hurley



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