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My wife & daughter outside the Umeda Arts Theatre, Osaka, after seeing Prince of Broadway.

My wife & daughter outside the Umeda Arts Theatre, Osaka, after seeing Prince of Broadway.

Last Updated: 11th September 2016

Let’s face it, day trips in Japan can be expensive. (In case you were not aware, I live in Japan!)

For example, it will cost a family of three going on a day trip on the bullet train from Hiroshima (where I live) to Osaka to see a musical around ¥100,000 (about $1200):

  • 3 x Bullet Train Tickets Hiroshima-Osaka: approximately ¥10,000 each way per person = ¥60,000
  • 3 x Theatre Tickets: approximately ¥10,000 each
  • Food and Drink: approximately ¥10,000

TOTAL = ¥100,000 ($1,200)

That is indeed what it cost, more or less, for my wife, daughter and I to spend a day in Osaka to see the World Premiere of Prince of Broadway, a musical directed by, and celebrating, the work of Harold Prince, whose career as a Broadway producer of musicals spans seven decades.

Daytripping to Osaka is not something you can afford to do too often on an English language teacher’s income, but I was able to do it thanks to my online business, and more specifically, thanks to income from MyAdvertisingPays revenues funding my trip.

MyAdvertisingPays uses as its payment processor. When you withdraw your profits from MAP to VXGateway, the transaction is usually completed in less than 24 hours, in my experience.

Once your funds are in your VXGateway account, you can transfer them to Paypal,** and again, it takes less than 24 hours for the transfer of funds from VXGateway to Paypal.

You can transfer sums of ¥50,000 or more from Paypal to a Japanese bank account free of charge, and the transfer usually takes from two to four days, depending on which bank you use.

A few days before our trip to Osaka, I began moving my funds: MAP-VXG-Paypal-my bank in Japan. Here is a screenshot of my Paypal account showing funds arriving from VXGateway over the last few days:


As you can see, a total of $1,400 has arrived from VXG, nicely covering the cost of our trip to Osaka!

** VXGateway can no longer be used to withdraw US$ to Paypal. Instead, VXGateway can be used to withdraw euros to your bank account, as I reported in this blog post in September 2016.

You’ve Got Possibilities!

My daughter is a massive fan of Ramin Karimloo, one of the stars of Prince of Broadway. Since seeing the show, she has been singing the number from Superman, “You’ve Got Possibilities,” sung by Mariand Torres with Ramin as Clark Kent.

How appropriate! With an online business, suddenly, You’ve Got Possibilities too!

Here’s a video of Mariand Torres and Ramin Karimloo performing the number in rehearsal:

Achieving the “1500 Club” in The Online Ad Network!

The day after we got back from Osaka I woke up to find a $41.75 deposit from The Online Ad Network (TOAN) in my Paypal account, and a message on Facebook from TOAN owner, Brian Rooney:


The “1500 Club” is simply the group of TOAN affiliates, such as myself, who have earned between $1,500 and $1,999 in TOAN commissions (excluding bonus payments).

The Online Ad Network is a very easy program to run, and frankly speaking, I do not work on promoting it very much. I simply run some ads on MyPayingAds , MyAdvertisingPays , LeadsLeap and a few downline builders.

It seems to work! I have a small downline of direct referrals, some of whom have referred a lot of people into my downline for me.

Training – and Earning – with

Last month I subscribed to and am very pleased with the quality of the training.

I like it so much that logging in and training has fast become a part of my daily routine. I feel that I could learn more about SEO, and so I am working with the training modules on WealthyAffiliate to build a new niche website from scratch.

The niche I am working in is chess. I love playing chess and have built up a lot of experience in the last couple of years, so I want to see if I can build a content-rich chess-tips website from scratch and generate income from it by applying the training provided by WealthyAffiliate.

At the same time, I have added to my portfolio of recommended programs and am starting to promote it because the content is so good, both for free and Premium members.

The affiliate program is excellent. As a Premium member, you will earn:

  • $1 every time you refer a free member who completes the verification process.
  • $8 for the first month your referrals upgrade to Premium.
  • $22.50 per month per referral who renews Premium membership.

So far, I have two Premium members and four free members, with minimal promotional activity on my part so far…

Kiva: A Micro Loan to a Young Entrepreneur in Bolivia

One of my personal success stories for 2015 is that I have got into the habit of making monthly micro loans to entrepreneurs operating in the Internet or telecommunications market in various developing countries around the world.

It is all thanks to Kiva is an NPO which harnesses the potential the internet to make it easy for us to make micro-loans.

This month, I was pleased to discover Karen, a 19 year old business owner in Bolivia. I had not lent to anybody in Bolivia before, and lent her $25 as part of a $1,500 multi-lender loan for equipment for her Internet cafe.

This loan brings my total number of loans for 2015 to ten. I started lending again in February, and have contributed to a new micro-loan every month except August.

Here is a graph plotting my loans over the last three years. Note the uptick in activity in 2015!


David Hurley

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2 Responses to David’s Diary: With an Online Business, You’ve Got Possibilities!

  • Kylie says:

    What a busy man you must be! I always thought it would be cheaper to live in Japan rather than Canada, but clearly I am mistaken. =)
    Thank you for showing the ways you have successfully earned money online. I had no idea about the Ad Network; thanks for all your helpful info!! ^_^

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