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Growing up I was told video games would make you lazy, blind, fat, and stupid but medical experts have began to debunk all of these claims.

Gaming as it turns out improves visual acuity, motor reflexes, social interaction among peers, and can improve cognitive focus and attention, even in those with Attention Deficit Disorder. More attention, and more focus means learning in any environment makes one smarter instead of dumber.

Social interaction begins on headsets and in classrooms over shared interest and soon become offline activities that can promote a more healthy lifestyle. Statistically gamers are no less athletic than any non gamer with even amounts taking up sports participation and some athletes use gaming to improve their awareness for on the field situations.

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Games are great for Mental Health and Physical Health as well.

In recent studies memory loss has been shown to slow and in some instances be partially reversed in Alzheimer’s patients and and those who suffered Dementia or has suffered a traumatic brain injury. People with Cataracts have improved their vision by retraining their eyes as have people with eye injuries who are often urged to play first person shooter and online driving games to rebuild focal ability, exercise eye muscles, get readjusted to changing colors and textures, and improve night vision.

There are also a wealth of challenging games such as TripleClick’s Knockout Trivia or Gold Streak, that challenge your knowledge of history and current events. Other games such as Time Machine or Pick the Price test your skills  in making estimates and handling statistics, which are skills that can be applied in your daily life and career.

By far the biggest benefit of gaming is stress and tension relief.

People unwind from long days at school or the office seem to achieve a greater disconnect from those stresses while immersed in some type of game play. By creating a way to switch fromNurse1 stress and hurry to some form of relaxing play, better sleep can be achieved, and you may even find issues such as regular headaches not happening as often.

This stress-release can also help people with depression disorders or violent mood swings because they can let off pressure and anger in a controlled environment and return to regular life more balanced and calm. Depression is further helped by the release of Dopa-mine and Adrenaline which give you a feeling of happiness or satisfaction and more energy, less pain. In addition competitive games can allow those with certain mental and physical disabilities achieve small victories that lead to a more positive attitude.

Studies have shown that both young and old can see massive mental health benefits from regular gaming with seniors having been put through a study where Group A played video games 1 hour a day and Group B didn’t participate in such things and the people who played the game had fewer negative feelings, more positive outlook, were friendlier, and showed signs of revitalization and happiness more readily. Many claimed to feel young again just playing 1 hour a day.

Pain relief both acute and long term.

Health Benefits of GamingVeterans returning from the Middle East who have had surgery or recent trauma that causes high levels of acute pain have been subjects of a recent study.

The study compared soldiers injured on the battlefield who were also split into groups with some playing no games, some playing non submersion games like Diamond Dash, or Puzzle games, and some playing submersion games like Call of Duty, NASCAR Racing, Grand Theft Auto etc..

It was found that all soldiers who played games of either type required less pain medication both during and after game play. The biggest winners were the soldiers playing submersed games with some not needing pain relief for extended periods during game play and shortly after game play.

Part of this is due to the adrenaline rush these games produce. Adrenaline has been sighted as the reason small framed women have lifted cars off toddlers who were run over without getting hurt or feeling pain during the lift, and is long noted as the reason law enforcement officers, soldiers, and criminals have continued fighting for extended periods after being seriously wounded.

All of this shows that game play can build minds, improve reflexes, make a person more social, less depressed, and help them control pain and avoid memory loss, while being able to spot small details and react in a timely manner with improved problem solving. Now let’s talk about my favorite games.

Eager Zebra Games at TripleClicks are a great way to improve your quality of life, have fun, and make new connections.

With league play you can challenge your friends and family to add a even more personal competition that might even result in a traveling trophy changing hands every week or every month. Leagues are available for most Eager Zebra Games but popular Leagues have been NFL Pick Em and NCAA Football Pick Em, and the all new NBA Picks League. Member leagues can be started for games like Card King and Knock Out Trivia, and starting a league of your own is free for the first 10 members with nominal charges if you need a larger group.

Win Prizes with Eager Zebra Games.

With every Free-to-Play Eager Zebra game you can win either Member Reward Points (MRP), or T-credits.

MRP are points given for game play, for penny auction bids, and with purchases made in the online mall. You also earn 1 MRP for each T-Credit you spend. Saving up MRP can earn you major rewards as you can choose any item by any vendor on the site and pay with your Member Reward Points or T-credits..

T-credits are virtual tokens that can be gained for free and are required to play some games on the site or to play more than the number of allotted free game in others, to purchase any in-game add on.

T-credits can also be used to bid in Price Benders Penny Auctions.

T-Credits can be traded for entries to the Daily Crown prize drawing. In the Daily Crown drawing you can win a $50 gift certificate, good for any of the 80,000+ products offered by 5,000+ global vendors on TripleClicks.

You can also earn T-credits through the Wave3 program and via hourly T-Time drawings.

Wave 3 and Eager Zebra Games

The Wave 3 program allows you to earn free T-credits and MRP by bringing your friends and family with you to TripleClicks. You get rewarded as they perform certain actions listed in the program details. This is by far the fastest way to earn T-credits for more game play and auction bidding, and Member Reward Points to get amazing free products.

Want to make some extra money with all of this?

Check out the power of affiliate marketing through the free training at Strong Future International which is the affiliate program for TripleClicks. If your friends and family make any purchases at TripleClicks you could earn a commission on the sale, if they invite people, you can earn even more, if those people invite people, you earn even more. Needless to say it requires some work, but it can be a very lucrative way to work from home for those who know a lot of gamers, auction goers, shoppers, store owners, and need some extra cash.

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