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hootsuite-instagramA couple of days ago I received an email from Hootsuite telling me that they have hooked up with InstagramHootsuite is an online service which allows you to manage all your social media accounts on a single dashboard, helping you to save time and work more efficiently on your social media marketing campaigns.

What that means is that you can now schedule posts, publish pictures, monitor your feed, and engage with your Instagram audience right within the Hootsuite dashboard – just as you can with all your other social networks.

In case you are wondering why that is good news, here is a quick look at how Instagram can help you promote your online business, and two key benefits running Instagram via Hootsuite.

1. Instagram has 300,000,000+ active users

Not as big as Facebook, but 300 million people logging in at least once a month is a massive potential marketplace. Two years ago Instagram had around 100 million active users, so it has trebled its engaged membership and is continuing to grow at a rapid rate.

2. Real-time news feed and natural search

Instagram’s news feed displays in real time and with 100% organic reach. Compare that to how Facebook has reduced organic reach for businesses pages to just 2% (unless you pay).

3. Instagram users are buyers

According to Iconosquare.com, 70% of Instagram users who responded to a recent survey had searched for brand products on Instagram. Iconosquare also noted that Instagram users tend to be more interested in following brands and businesses than Twitter and Facebook users.

5. Instagram is #Hashtag-friendly

You can use hashtags when posting your pictures on Instagram to reach out to your target audience. If you are not sure which are the most relevant hashtags, Iconosquare.com lists the most common current keyword searches on Instagram.

6. Share your Instagram pics on other social networks

Instagram makes it easy for you to share your photos on Facebook and other social networks too. Simply link your accounts and choose which ones to share your Instagram pictures.

Benefits of running Instagram from Hootsuite

There are two key benefits to adding your Instagram account to Hootsuite:

    1. Adding Instagram to Hootsuite enables you to schedule your posts, so you can do all your Instagram work in a single sitting and schedule the posts to go out over the next week or month or whatever timeframe suits you best, saving time and increasing efficiency.
    2. While Instagram is primarily a mobile phone platform, working with it on Hootsuite means you can type your commentary on a regular keyboard rather than a mobile phone keypad. For most people that would make life easier and get the job done more quickly.

If you do decide to add Instagram to Hootsuite, keep in mind that the final step to rolling out your pictures on Instagram is still via the Instagram app. Hootsuite pushes a notification to the Hootsuite app on your phone. Tap the notification to open your Instagram app and publish via the app and the post will appear on Instagram according to the publication schedule you set up in Hootsuite.

It is easier done than said!

David Hurley



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