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If you want stand out from the crowd of affiliate marketers selling the same product as you, you need to do something to sharpen up your unique personal brand. A more technical way of putting it is that you need to develop a “Unique Selling Proposition” to create “differentiation” between yourself and your competitors in your chosen niche market. As an affiliate marketer, the products and services you are selling are no different from those being offered by your competition, but one unique trump card you bring to the market is… YOU YOURSELF!

YOU are your own Ace of Spades!


Brand Yourself: Because you are your own Ace of Spades…

Yes, you are the ace in your hand, so, be sure to post your name and photo on your squeeze pages. Write blog posts that express your personality. Record your own video and audio content so that YOU can be seen and YOUR voice can be heard.

Offer Unique Affiliate Product Bundles

Another way to differentiate yourself from the crowd is to bundle several affiliate products together.

One way to do that is to create a report or how-to guide about how the products work together. Offer the report as a freebie and invite your target market to opt in to your list to get the report.

A well-written report will quietly but effectively demonstrate your expertise as a trusted advisor. Follow up with a series of emails to your list to remind them about the product bundle you are offering. For a good example of how to bundle up affiliate programs and create a new product, check out T.E. TrafficStorm and download the free ebook.

After-Sales Service

Another approach is to offer after-sales services, such as training and support, when prospects purchase a specific affiliate product through your link. For example, you could set up a membership site and post training videos and other material on it to help your affiliate customers learn how to use the products and services they have purchased. Those three ways to create uniqueness in your marketing are not mutually exclusive:

  • You can inject your personal brand into your free report and into your after-sales services.
  • Your after-sales services can be described in your report.
  • You can offer your report and your after-sales services on your personally-branded blog.
  • You can promote your blog in your report and on your sales service membership site.
  • And so on!

Look Before You Leap!

Just one work of caution, though. Before you jump into the process of creating your own Unique Selling Proposition for an affiliate product, be sure to do some market research and make sure that you are going to work with a marketable product in a profitable niche market that has a large and hungry audience for you to appeal to.

Also, consider carefully whether or not the Unique Selling Proposition you are developing is actually one that will appeal to your niche market. You may experience a few flops and failures, but if you have a profitable affiliate product and a big, hungry market, your persistence will eventually pay off.

David Hurley

P. S. Here is a useful free 13 minute training video about niche marketing: “Choosing Your Direction: It Starts With A Niche.” Click the screen to view the training video:


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