Last Updated: 10th October 2016

Email newsletters delivered automatically via a professional autoresponder service are the ideal medium for generating sales and commissions.

The first step is to invite your targeted prospects to opt in to your list. To do that, you need to create a squeeze page with an opt-in form which is linked to your autoresponder.

On the squeeze page, offer your prospects a free report with useful tips and advice about a problem that relates to the niche market you are working in.

Here is an example of a squeeze page I use to offer traffic exchange surfers an ebook about “how to succeed with traffic exchanges” – how’s that for “targeting” your audience?!

Load your autoresponder with a series of follow-up newsletters packed with helpful information relating to your product or service. Include a link to your sales page and a simple Call To Action.

If you are not sure where to start with an email follow-up letters, check out this email marketing course which I listened to recently (October 2016) to improve the results I’ve been getting with my email follow-up letters.

When writing an email follow-up series you should keep two clear goals in mind:

1. Create trust… (without this you cannot get to goal #2…)

2. Convert your subscribers into first-time buyers… (offer a low-cost low-risk product with a high perceived-value.)

Once the first sale has been made, you will need to keep your subscribers engaged if you are not to lose them. Mixing in reviews of affiliate products with plenty of tips and advice is an effective way to keep your subscribers engaged and to encourage follow-up sales.

Of course, not everybody who is on your list will buy from you. That raises the question of whether or not you should create separate lists for those who purchase your product, and then for those who purchase your follow-up affiliate offers.

The advantage of transferring your first-time buyers onto a separate list, and then transferring your repeat customers onto a third list is that you are able to filter and funnel your customers with increasingly precise targeted offers. The more precise and highly-targeted your offers are, the more sales you are likely to make.

The disadvantage is that it takes more time and effort to slice and dice your subscribers in this way.

So if you want to keep things simple and keep everybody on a single list, you will need to take care in how you continue to promote your primary product.

David Hurley

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