sfimgbnr2In this training article I recommend THREE specific Steps for you to get more of your SFI Marketing Group affiliates (PSAs, CSAs and downline members) to take action.

But before we dive into that, I want you to understand also THREE important truths about working with a downline, no matter what business you are in…

TRUTH #1: Most Will Do Nothing…

Most of your referrals will take little or no action, no matter how good your incentives are, no matter how much you communicate with them.

Maybe about 70%-80% will NEVER do anything.

TRUTH #2: Some Will Do A Little (& Cover Your Costs)

Many of those who take action will only be semi-active at best. They might do a lot one month, and then drop out at the first hurdle, or they may do a little month by month. Maybe 50% to 75% of your action-takers will fall into this intermediate group.

However, your semi-active referrals will often do enough to help you to cover your operating expenses in SFI, that at least should be your aim for this group. 🙂

TRUTH #3: A Few Will Do A Lot (& Help You To Succeed)

You can make a LOT of money by helping the 5%-15% who consistently work on building their SFI business.

This group of people are your active team members. They are the ones you should invite to commit to the business as your “Designated Diamonds.”

Stop Worrying; Focus On Your Diamonds

When you understand those three truths, ESPECIALLY TRUTH #3, then you will be in a much better frame of mind to build a successful business with SFI, and STOP WORRYING ABOUT THOSE WHO TAKE NO ACTION!

If you want to build a profitable downline in SFI, you will need to offer help and incentives, and focus your time and effort on your action-takers.

How To Reach Out To Your SFI Affiliates

Okay, so if you are still with me, here’s what you can do to engage and activate your new PSAs:

Step 1: Send a Welcome Message

Use the Genealogy tool to look up your new PSAs and then send them either a personal email message, or a message via SFI’s internal messenger service.

Here is an example of the kind of message I send my new PSAs (feel free to modify and use it as your own Welcome Message):



Thank you for joining SFI! You just made a great decision and I’d like to welcome you as a member of my SFI team.


The best thing to do in your first month is to log in to the site and learn how your SFI business works.


Begin with the grey “START” button at the top of your dashboard. After that, click the blue “SFI Basics” button.


After you have studied the basic material, click the green “LAUNCHPAD” button and begin working through the training material, and start earning VP.


There is a lot of training material on the site to help you understand SFI and also to promote the business. However, if you have any questions, feel free to ask.


By the way, I run a couple of competitions every month for active members of my team. You can read about them on my blog at:




All the best,



The purpose of the message is to reach out to your new PSAs, offer them support and show them what to do next.

It also points them to my blog where they can find out about my incentive programs, which may motivate them to take action.

STEP #2 Offer At Least One Incentive Or Reward

Don’t sit around waiting for your PSAs to take action. Instead, start a competition, or offer a reward for PSAs who upgrade to EA or Team Leader.

I offer TWO monthly incentive programs for my PSAs, CSAs and other downline members:

1. VersaPoint Competition

I give away four Gift Certificates worth a total of $24 to the top four VP earners in my team EVERY month (for my PSAs and CSAs).

2. Bonus PSA Referrals

I use the PSA-To-Go service to buy and I give away 20 PSAs to my highest ranking downline members (Generations 1-8 and CSAs).

The total cost to me is $63.80. If that seems a lot, think of it like this. It is really as simple as A, B, C…:

A. I am investing in my team.

B. Every month I invest the same fixed amount, $63.80 into my team, no matter how BIG my team grows.

C. Every month, as my team grows, I earn MORE and MORE commission payments from SFI, so my monthly fixed investment of $63.80 actually yields an increasing profit month by month.

You may not yet be in a position to offer $63.80 in monthly incentives, but at least start at a level where you feel comfortable, even if it is $5 a month or less. Your team will appreciate your efforts on their behalf.

The point is that, by taking the initiative and offering incentives, you will attract your team to you and encourage them to show up every month and be persistent action takers.

STEP #3: Be Seen!

* Use your Leadership Page to post information about your competitions and regularly update your page with competition news reports.

* Use your SFI Stream to post regular news updates about your incentives and about your team achievements.

* Send out monthly Team Mailings using SFI’s Team Mailer service.

* Send team members SFI digital postcards to congratulate, thank or encourage them and to update them with any new developments in SFI.

Follow those three steps and you will be better able to build an active team in SFI – or Click Here To Join My Team and get rewarded for taking action with SFI every month!

All the best,

David Hurley

P. S. If you have any questions, post a comment below, or use the Contact Form to drop me a line and I will get back to you.

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