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One of the biggest challenges to running a business blog is how to build and maintain a flow of targeted traffic to each piece of content you create.

Happily, there are a number of things you can do to prevent your blog content from sinking without trace. If you run a self-hosted WordPress blog, much of the process can also be automated thanks to a number of plug-ins.

1. Add A Related Topics List To Each Blog Post

Most blogs will have a section either below the content or in the sidebar where you can add a list of recent blog posts. Normally the list will include the last few blog posts that you published, whether or not they are in any way related to the blog post that your visitor is reading.

However, it would be better to offer your readers a self-generating list of blog posts that are related to the topic of the post they are reading right now.

If your readers are interested in the topic, then presenting them with links to related topics greatly increases the likelihood of their clicking the link and reading more of your blog content.

There are several plug-ins that can automate the process for you. I use the “Yet Another Related Posts Plugin” (aka YARPP ) to present and automatically populate a list of related blog posts.

2. Send Your Subscribers Back To Your Blog

One of the primary purposes of your blog should be to build your autoresponder mailing list. At the same time, one of the primary purposes of your mailing list should be to send traffic back to your blog.

Each time you publish a blog post, send a “broadcast” to your mailing list with some teaser content and a link back to the post on your blog. That will help to increase your subscribers’ familiarity with your brand and improve your blog traffic stats.

3. Revive Old Blog Posts On Social Media!

A lot of business bloggers promote their fresh content on social media and share their content on and other blog syndication networks.

However, most bloggers overlook the possibilities that social media offers for reviving older content.

Twitter is one of my favourite tools for reviving old content, especially as there is a WordPress plug-in to automate the process! The plug-in is called “Revive Old Post”. The free version allows you to revive old posts on both Twitter and Facebook.

If you pay a one-time fee of $75 for the basic upgrade option, you can also revive old blog posts on Linkedin, Xing and Tumblr.

David Hurley

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