Brian Rooney of has made a video that shows you how to place a Trafficwave autoresponder email opt-in form on your WordPress blog posts and pages without using a plug-in.

You can do it in five simple steps:

  1. First of all, log in to your WordPress blog dashboard and your Trafficwave account
  2. On the blog post where you want to place an opt-in form, click the Text tab and then scroll down to the end of your content, where you want to post your opt-in form.
  3. In your Trafficwave back office, go to Campaign Manager and select the autoresponder campaign you want to use.
  4. Next, click the Capture Page/Forms, select Capture Forms” and then copy the Javascript or raw HTML code. (Only use the raw HTML code if you want to edit the form or create your own call-to-action phrase on the opt-in button.)
  5. Finally, simply paste the code beneath your blog content and click the Update button. Then, when you view the page or post, you will be able to see your email capture form.

Here is Brian’s video to take you through the process.

You will see that it is really very easy to add a Trafficwave autoresponder form to your blog posts and pages, as I have described:

How To Use Widgets To Place Opt-in Forms On Your Blog

Another easy way to place a Trafficwave opt-in form on your blog is to work with widgets.


Widgets can be found in the drop down box that appears when you click “Appearance” in the vertical menu.

Widgets can be found under the Appearance tab in the vertical menu on your WordPress dashboard.

Choose a Text widget and drag it to the place on your blog where you want the opt-in form to appear.

Typically, that would be either in the side column or in the header or footer of your blog.

Next, copy your Trafficwave opt-in form code, as before, and paste it into the widget.

If you offer a free report, or other opt-in incentive, you can create a table and embed your form code into one panel and an image of your free report in the other panel.

Use Randomizer To Rotate Multiple Opt-In Offers

Okay, this is a bit more advanced.

If you run multiple Trafficwave autoresponder lists, you can use the Randomizer plugin to show a different opt-in offer each time a visitor moves to a new page on your blog or refreshes the browser.

Randomizer allows you to create separate opt-in box offers, each one on a separate-but-hidden page on your blog.

When each one has been set up, go to the Widgets section and you will see a Randomizer widget. Drag the Randomizer widget to the place where you want the opt-in box to appear on your blog.

Check the boxes beside each of the opt-in offers you want to show, and your blog will now be set up with multiple opt-in offers that appear randomly, one at a time, as your blog is navigated.

How cool is that?

David Hurley

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