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The key to getting more people to opt in to your list is in the offer you make on your landing page.

People will be much more likely to opt in IF you make them an attractive free offer.

You can boost your opt in rate by offering a free ebook or report, a free video course, free access to a membership site, free training, free software, or a free service.

tetrafficstormThe most common freebie that people offer is a free report.

Free reports are an attractive option for online business owners because they are easy to create and deliver.

In addition, a well researched and written report imparts the gift of knowledge.

And knowledge is one of the best gifts you can give.

As Francis Bacon said, “knowledge is power.”

Knowledge converted into action can make you and your subscribers a lot of money.

That’s why, based on the knowledge I have built up over the last few years, I give away a free report called T.E. Traffic Storm about how to make money on Traffic Exchange advertising sites. 🙂

Write your own unique report.

However, even a well researched and expertly written report will not deliver  a high opt-in rate if it being offered by thousands of competing affiliate marketers…

Do not offer a free report that is the same as everybody else is offering. That simply signals to your visitors that you have nothing unique to offer.

Why should your visitors opt in to your list when they can get the same information from a thousand other cookie-cutter affiliate websites?

Yes, that means you will have to exercise your brains…

You will have to give your imagination a work out.

You will have to make an effort and work hard!

Sorry, but if that is too much for you, I suggest that you give up on the idea of building an online business right now!

Okay… before you give up…

There is one other option:

Pay somebody to create a unique free report (or whatever) for you.

Whether you write it yourself, or have it written for you, a unique report immediately sets you apart from your competition. You can reasonably present yourself as someone with something original to offer; someone with the dedication to put your expertise into a report and share it with others.

That sends a powerful message, because the demonstration of knowledge is also a form of power.

However, to be truly effective in raising your opt-in rate, your report should also…

1. target the needs of your market niche…

2. have a high perceived value…

3. focus on a very specific key issue for your target audience.

4. offer practical and actionable advice.

Your report does not have to be very long. A five or six page report that explains the problem and provides a clear and practical solution with a link to your sales page will be good enough.

The fact is that many people in your target market need very basic guidance towards solving problems that you have already solved in setting up and running your online business.

Do not belittle your own knowledge just because you are not yet earning a full time income online.

Take the knowledge you have gained so far, turn it into a free report for your target market, and invite them to opt in to your list to receive it.

David Hurley

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