I have been working with safelists for several years now. Most of the time I use safelists to build my own mailing list. People who say “safelists don’t work” are either not using safelists to build their list, or they are not applying enough leverage to their safelist campaigns.

Most People Get Safelists Wrong

I click a lot of safelist credit links every week, so I see a lot of landing pages. I notice that most people use safelists to promote their network marketing program, or to send people straight to their sales letter.

While you can sometimes get results with that approach, it is not the best way to use your safelist credits. Most likely, you will get no results if you do that. Do not blame safelists or claim that they “do not work.” It is your marketing which is not working!

So, How Do You Get Results With Safelists?

Simply put, if you have not had any success with safelists, you should change the way you think about them. Keep in mind that safelist advertising is a fast way to get “cold” prospects to visit your landing page.

Those prospects are people who know little or nothing about you or your business. If you try and recruit them into your network marketing program, they will most likely NOT join. Why should they join your business before they have begun to “like” and “trust” you? It is a question of timing. Most people are impatient and rush in with their main offer to quickly, which is why their safelist campaigns fail.

Since safelists deliver cold prospects, you really need to “warm up” your visitors. The best way to do that is with a compelling “free offer” which targets their needs.

The most common type of “free offer” is a free report which people can get by joining your mailing list. They join your mailing list by entering their name and email address into an “opt-in form” and clicking a button. (You can see an example of a free offer and an opt in form at the top of this page.)

If your free offer is well designed and appealing to safelist members, you will be able to use safelists to grow your list. That is the most effective way to benefit from safelist traffic.

What Kind Of Offer Is Best For Safelists?

Clearly, safelist users are Internet marketers who use safelists and other advertising sites to promote. (LOL) The vast majority of safelist users are promoting some kind of affiliate programme. It is also very likely that most safelist users are frustrated by a lack of success in their business. Most people who promote affiliate programs or network marketing businesses online fail to make any money.

So it makes sense to offer frustrated safelist users a “freebie” which can help them improve their online marketing skills. In that way we are targeting the market (safelist users) and helping them solve a big problem (lack of success in promoting their affiliate programs on the Internet).

The Perfect Solution: T. E. Traffic Storm

tetrafficstormWith that in mind, I wrote a detailed, 19 page free report to show Internet marketers how to work more effectively with traffic exchanges and other advertising sites including viral mailers. The report is titled, T. E. Traffic Storm.

T. E. Traffic Storm is specifically designed to be promoted on traffic exchanges, safelists, viral mailers and banner and text ad sites.

Use it to build your list, refer others into a wide  range of leading advertising programs, and earn some tasty commissions when your referrals upgrade in the recommended programs and rebrand the ebook.

If you have any questions about T.E. Traffic Storm or how to promote your offers more effectively, feel free to post them as comments below this post, or drop me a line via the online contact form.

Here’s to your safelist marketing success!

David Hurley




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