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Did you know there is a free and easy way to generate autoresponder leads from your Twitter account?

If you live in Canada, Ireland, the UK or the USA, you can utilize Twitter’s free Lead Generation Card (LGC) service to add a special link to your tweets. When your Twitter followers see your tweet, they can click the link to send you their contact details and find out more about your offer.

Here’s a nice video tutorial by Digital Giants to show you all the steps, or scroll down to read my easy step-by-step instructions!

Step #1: Set Up A Twitter Advertising Account

To start using LGCs you will first need to have a Twitter advertising account.

Go to and log in to your Twitter account to set up an advertising account with Twitter.

Step #2: Create Your First LGC

To set up your first Lead Generation Card, go to Twitter Settings and click the Twitter Ads link, then click Creative and then Cards.

Fill in the form on the Cards screen to set up your LGC.

You will need to upload an image when setting up your LGC, i.e. a banner ad of some kind, with your offer clearly stated on it. When your Twitter followers click your LGC link, they will be shown your uploaded image, so it is important to create a compelling message on the image you upload.

Step #3: Add an LGC Link to Your Tweet!

Once you have created a Lead Generation Card, you can send an LGC-tweet by clicking the Tweets tab in the Twitter Ads or the Creatives menu. Next click the blue Compose Tweet button in the top right corner and bang out your tweet.

To attach an LGC to your tweet, hover your cursor over the icon on the right below the Tweet box and it will say “Attach a Card to This Tweet.” Attach your LGC to your tweet. The Standard setting will send the tweet to all your followers.

Step #4: Download Your Leads

When one of your followers clicks the link in your tweet, they will see your LGC ad and a Call To Action button. When they click the button, Twitter will send you their contact details to your Twitter Ads database and you can view it on your LGC account (via the Creatives and then Cards tabs).

To find the contact details, go back to your Lead Generation Card and scroll over it to reveal some icons. Click the download icon to download a .csv document of your leads. The document lists the names, Twitter IDs and email addresses of all your leads.

Step #5: Import Your Leads Into Your Autoresponder

Since your leads have reached out to you and sent you their email addresses, it is okay for you to import them into your autoresponder and start building a relationship with them.

You can create multiple Lead Generation Cards on your Twitter advertising account, which means you can generate leads for many different mailing lists and campaigns – all completely free of charge!

David Hurley

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