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An affirmation is a statement of something you want to be true. Repeating affirmations over and over again is supposed to help you change the way you think and bring positive results into your life.

Have you ever tried using affirmations? How did it work for you? If you are like most people, telling yourself again and again, “I am rich, I am rich, I am rich,” might make you feel good for a while but it doesn’t actually make you any wealthier than you were before.

The Secret Code of Success

secretcodeofsuccessIn his book – The Secret Code of Success, 7 Hidden Steps to More Wealth and Happiness – Noah St. John argues that affirmations don’t work because of the way the human mind is wired. He knows affirmations do not work because he spent a lot of money on self-help literature and a lot of time repeating affirmations, but, as he puts it, his “life still sucked.”

Noah St. John points out that the human mind does NOT accept and absorb statements that it doesn’t already believe is true.

On the other hand, he realized (while in the shower one morning) that the human mind is always asking and searching for answers to QUESTIONS.

He suddenly realized that we should stop trying to make ourselves accept statements we don’t really believe and start asking questions.

So, instead of repeating an affirmation such as “I am rich” — to which the brain replies “Yeah, right!” – Noah St. John changed it into a question and asked himself,

“Why am I so rich?”

He noticed that when you ask yourself a question you start racking your brains for an answer. And you form your reality by asking questions. Noah St. John now believes that you can change your reality much more effectively by asking yourself empowering questions instead of using affirmations. He calls these empowering questions “Afformations.”

4 Steps to Creating Life Changing Afformations ®

Here’s how you can use Afformations to create a better life for yourself and your family, according to Noah St John:

Step 1: Ask yourself what you want — and write it down.

For example, “I want to increase my online sales and make $2000 a month clear profit.”

Step 2: Form a QUESTION that assumes that what you want is already true.

This is the key step to creating Afformations that change your life.

Since you want more online sales, you should now ask WHY that has already happened! So your afformation will be:

“Why did I increase my online sales so quickly and easily?”

As Noah St John says,

“the quality of your life depends on just two things: the quality of your communication with the world inside yourself, and the quality of your communication with the world outside yourself.”

When you do Step 2 you start to change the quality of your communication with both worlds — inner and outer. You begin to ask yourself new and empowering questions. You stop asking disempowering questions.

Step 3: Give yourself to the question.

The point of Afformations does not lie in finding “the answer,” but in asking better questions. When you ask better questions, you focus on things you’ve probably never focused on before and Noah St John says the results will amaze you.

Which brings us to Step 4 of The Afformations Method — the one you MUST do to get the results you want…

Step 4: Take new ACTIONS based on your new assumptions.

Even though you may have spent thousands of dollars on “how to succeed” programs, you may have subconsciously assumed they wouldn’t work for you, which is why you are still stuck where you are, Noah St. John explains.

Afformations Help to Make Conscious & Clear What Had Been Subconscious & Hidden

When you start asking yourself empowering questions such as “Why did I increase my online sales so quickly?” you will probably start thinking about what someone who had more online sales would do — and then, this is the fourth step, you must follow up by taking the actions your questions brought into focus.

So, afformations are all about changing what your mind focuses on by asking empowering questions such as “Why am I so rich?”  Change your questions, change your focus, change your results.

Can you see how that puts you in conscious control of your subconscious thoughts? According to Noah St. John, it automatically changes your perspective, which can change your actions, which will CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

David Hurley


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