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My target for my MAP account in December 2014 was 110 credit packs, which I just managed to achieve.

MAPtargetsQ1__1420610030_202.213.176.48Here are my goals for the first quarter of 2015. This month’s goal is 130 credit packs…

When I set the goals, getting to 130 in January seemed like a stretch…

I had a bulk purchase of 10 credit packs expire in December and a couple more bulk lots (15 x CPs and 10 x CPs) are due to expire this month… so I decided to take action NOW, cross the 130 river and build a bridgehead…

I expect daily reinforcements of new credit packs thanks to the revenue share I am earning every twenty-minutes plus referral commissions, so I think this position will hold…

Here is the state of play as of yesterday morning…


Join my MAPs team today and win some free credit packs this month to get your business off to a fast start in 2015…

David Hurley

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