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A couple of weeks back, I listened to an interesting podcast in which Lewis Howes interviewed John Assaraf on Unlocking Your Brain’s Full Potential. From it, I picked up some interesting John Assaraf quotes which I think you’ll find useful as you go about your online business.

6 Action-Inspiring John Assaraf Quotes

John Assaraf quotes encapsulate ideas he develops in Having It AllIf you’ve tried the very least to seek personal development advice, the name John Assaraf must have popped up somewhere in the results. He’s a successful personal development coach, entrepreneur and author of multiple NY bestsellers, including Having It All: Achieving Your Life’s Goals and Dreams.

If you are familiar with John Assaraf’s works you’ll understand why I take John Assaraf quotes seriously and try to apply them to what I do. The keyword here is “apply”, which is critical in converting theory into practice to form the basis of action.

Let’s review some key John Assaraf quotes from Lewis Howes’ School of Greatness podcast:

John Assaraf Quote #1

“Business is (all about) the fundamentals: Being healthy… Having great relationships… (those are) fundamentals. It’s not rocket science, but it is a science. And if you understand the science and you take action, then you can achieve the success you want at just about anything.”

The term “fundamentals” simply means “basics”. So essentially this means building a successful business is all about understanding and applying the basics of sound business practice. If you choose to ignore the basics, then you give up hope for any form of success.

John Assaraf Quote #2

“If you want to change your behaviour, focus on the beliefs that drive your behaviours.”

When John was asked about what he thinks is the major factor holding people back from starting a business, he was quick to mention fear. For example, to overcome your fear of failure, get rid of the belief that “you cannot”. As long as you hang on to the underlying belief, you will not change your behaviour.

John Assaraf Quote #3

“You cannot achieve results without some kind of discipline.”

Think of it, those who’ve achieved real success in anything are noticeably disciplined. Successful athletes follow a strict exercise program. Those who’ve successfully lost weight and achieved the shape of their dreams are great at resisting their cravings for bad food. It follows that if you want to be successful in business, you must exercise a certain level of discipline in various aspects.

John Assaraf Quote #4

“Reduce it to the ridiculous…”

I’m sure this one will unlock a lot of activity around you and your business. When we set goals, we often view them with a big picture mentality. While this is OK, it can create an image of this huge, insurmountable task- which can scare you into inaction. This is the simple trick… break it down to ridiculously simple tasks which you can start doing NOW!

John Assaraf Quote #5

“The habit is more important than the intensity at first”

We all know that kicking bad behavior is a painful process; which unfortunately has to be done for the sake of success. You need to learn a new counter-habit. Don’t worry if it’s something that seems small. Doing 5 push-ups may seem insignificant until you get in the habit of doing push-ups daily, which is a great base to stack on. The habit (doing push-ups daily) becomes more important than the intensity (number of push-ups).

John Assaraf Quote #6

“Every good discipline affects another; and every bad discipline affects others.”

Nothing ever works in isolation. Your decisions, actions and inaction influence and are influenced by several other factors. One of John’s goals is “to touch the lives of a billion people…” Of course, that will not be entirely through his own actions but also through the people he comes into contact with. This clearly illustrates the ripple effects, whether positive or negative, that our actions have on things.

Let us know what you think about the John Assaraf quotes I posted here in the comments, below.

David Hurley

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