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I have been a member of for a few years now (since the program was launched in 2008), and an upgraded member since the launch of LeadsLeap 2.0 in January 2016. (Some of the ads in the column on the right of this blog post are serviced by LeadsLeap.)

A few days ago LeadsLeap launched a new service called “LeadsLeap Social Review,” which is the topic of today’s blog post.

What is LeadsLeap Social Review?

LeadsLeap Social Review allows members to post reviews of affiliate programs that they have joined. Reviewers can enter their affiliate links for the program they are reviewing and their links will be rotated.

When visitors to the review site click the program name, they will actually be clicking one of the reviewers’ affiliate links and landing on their affiliate page. If you have posted a review, you are effectively giving yourself an opportunity to generate some free referrals from LeadsLeap.

In addition, you can also add five of your favourite affiliate programs, and your recommendations will be included alongside your review whenever it is shown. You can write as many different reviews as you like, and the more you write, the more often your top-five programs will be shown.

Extra Value For Upgraded Members

Upgraded members of LeadsLeap will have their reviews shown FIVE TIMES more often than equivalent reviews by free members. Also, upgraded member reviews are posted immediately (and checked by LeadsLeap retroactively) whereas free members’ reviews are held back until AFTER they have been checked.

In short, the new program-review service massively increases the value of upgrading your LeadsLeap account if you write reviews.

Also, when you write a program review, your review will be added to a search-engine-friendly review page dedicated exclusively to that program. The idea is that when somebody searches Google or Bing, or any other search engine, for XYZ program review, LeadsLeap’s dedicated review page will feature at or near the top of the rankings, bringing free traffic to LeadsLeap members’ reviews.

Quality Control…

Okay, so far so good, but how will LeadsLeap ensure the service delivers good quality reviews?

  • Firstly, as I mentioned, they will review the reviews and presumably reject any they do not approve of.
  • Secondly, every review has a “Report” button which visitors can click to open a report form where they are invited to “explain what’s wrong with this review”.
  • Thirdly, according to LeadsLeap,

…the system offers no incentive for members who write useless reviews. A good review will build trust, resulting in visitors exploring their recommendations. A poor review will simply chase the visitors away to read another review.

I think that means poor quality reviews could appear on the system, especially those posted by upgraded members, but hopefully they will be removed quickly when reviewed by LeadsLeap to protect the content quality of the review pages.

The question remains, how will LeadsLeap decide what a poor-quality review is…?

What they do say is that you can simply post your link WITHOUT a review, but that it will not gain much attention because people will click away to find the good quality reviews they are looking for.

So it seems that LeadsLeap expects people to be driven to write good quality reviews in order to attract the visitors who land on the review site.

Poor quality certainly does not mean “negative”. LeadsLeap want us to post our honest opinions about the programs we are reviewing, positive, negative or luke-warm. They also emphasize that the star-ratings you give each program will not affect the exposure of your review, and they claim that,

The system will rotate your links and get you signups automatically, whether you like or hate the program!

A few more points…

  1. You can post reviews about as many different programs as you like.
  2. You can go back to edit and update your reviews any time.
  3. You have to use the original affiliate link so that (1) there can be no crafty redirection of cloaked links and (2) visitors will know that you have at least joined the program and have enough experience with it to find your affiliate link!
  4. Program owners can post reviews of their own programs, but cannot rate their own program or add affiliate links.


I think this is an excellent addition to an already impressive line-up of advertising and promotion services supplied by LeadsLeap since their January upgrade.

As more reviews are added, I expect the review site to climb up the search engine rankings and I believe it will help members, especially upgraded members, to refer more people into their programs “on autopilot” once they have written and posted a good quality review.

As an example of what I believe a good quality review is, check out my first review, which is about Leased Ad Space and which you can find along with other LAS members’ reviews at:

If you have any questions about this new service, feel free to post them in the Comments below, or use the Contact Form to contact me directly.

David Hurley

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6 Responses to Leadsleap Introduce Social Reviews

  • Eduardo Munoz says:

    Leadsleap is a wonderful program.
    Your review is very useful.

    my zubee name: eduardo1310


    • David Hurley says:

      Hi Eduardo,

      Yes, I agree. Until recently I had not written so much about LeadsLeap although I use it every day. LeadsLeap brings me traffic, subscribers and sign-ups as well as daily revenue. I think it could be one of the most under-appreciated programs on the Internet today.

      I just sent you 500 zubees!

    • David Hurley says:

      Hi Eduardo,

      Yes, LeadsLeap is possibly the most under-rated program on the Internet today. Until recently I had not written much about it either.

      Leadsleap generates traffic, subscribers, sign-ups and income for my business every single day, for very little effort.

  • Quite a joyful and pleasant news. I have been using Leadsleap but have not come across this aspect called social review until you brought it up. I’ll quickly dash to take a look at it. Thank you for this highly educative piece.

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