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Here is a list of the marketing tools I use to help me promote my business online:

Email Marketing
Trafficwave - The most important program in my portfolio, Trafficwave is the autoresponder service that builds my list and delivers my newsletters and broadcasts.

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Trafficwave was founded in the year 2000 by Brian Rooney and Stephen Hambright. I have been a member since April 2012.
AdKreator - This is what I use to create squeeze pages, thank-you pages and banner ads for myself and my clients. Totally cool. No graphic design skills needed. Very easy to use. So far I've made over 175 ads for myself and almost as many for my clients!

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I joined AdKreator in 2011. I am a Lifetime Member.

The Real Tracker is a FREE tracking service that is part of the LeadsLeap package. You do not have to upgrade your membership of LeadsLeap to use the tracker. The Real Tracker not only tracks your hits, it shows you how many UNIQUE hits you are getting, and how many of those are REAL visitors (not bots), plus where they came from and how long they stayed on your site. The Real Tracker is a free service that offers better features than paid tracking services.LeadsLeap has been delivering and tracking traffic since 2008. In February 2016 LeadsLeap 2.0 was launched. I was already a member, but with a dormant account, which I reactivated to take advantage of the free tracking service, advertising services and revenue sharing.

TE Traffic Storm is a free, rebrandable, ebook that shows you how to use Traffic Exchanges more effectively. TE Traffic Storm will help you generate referrals, subscribers and commissions from your TE campaigns.

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I wrote TE Traffic Storm a few years ago, based on my own experience with Traffic Exchanges. I released the 3rd edition in February 2016.
Tested and Proven features the best-performing safelists based on REAL PROOF OF RESULTS from email tracking stats. See at a glance which safelists are DELIVERING RESULTS RIGHT NOW based on plain, honest FACTS! TAP takes the guesswork out of safelist advertising. 100% free to join.

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I added TAP to my portfolio in January 2016 based on the quality of research and proof they provide to safelist marketers. It makes sense to check TAP before you buy advertising credits.

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