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build your matrixBuild Your Matrix was launched in December 2016. I signed up on 1st January 2017 and immediately liked what I saw.

Build Your Matrix is a refreshingly easy downline builder to work with.

For a start, it promotes just FIVE programs.

Build Your Matrix Promotes TOAN and TrafficWave

Two of the programs are The Online Ad Network (TOAN) & TrafficWave.

I have been with both of those programs since 2012. I trust the owner, Brian Rooney and I know how reliable both programs are.

  • TOAN regularly delivers high-quality, non-incentivized, traffic to my offers. (Read my TOAN review. )
  • TrafficWave is an excellent, competitively priced professional autoresponder service. ( Read my TW review. )

The three other programs in the Build Your Matrix downline builder are:

  • Crazy About Banners – banner and text advertising service.
  • 4 Corners Alliance – business and financial training products.

All five programs compensate affiliates through Matrix-based compensation plans. They are low-cost programs to enter but each one offers a lot of upside potential.

Who Owns Build Your Matrix?

Build Your Matrix was launched by Brenda de Reus, a top team leader in TOAN and TrafficWave. Writing about her aims in creating the downline builder, Brenda observed,

There are lots of downline builders online already, but we felt we needed something different. A downline builder that focuses on only a handful of programs. Proven programs that have longevity as well as trusted owners, so you will never have to worry about getting paid.

So we will not be adding new programs constantly. We will stick with the ones we believe in! The ones that keep paying us! And by focusing on multi level programs we all benefit from each others work!

A Free Program With Downline Integrity

Build Your Matrix is 100% free to join, with NO upgrades or One-Time-Only offers.

It also has full downline integrity built in to the program. That means your downline will only see YOUR affiliate links (provided you have entered them into the downline builder).

Also, you don’t need to join any program again if you are already member. Simply enter your existing affiliate ID into the downline builder.

Build Your Matrix Is Also A List-Builder!

The list-building feature of Build Your Matrix really makes it stand out from the crowd. Build Your Matrix is actually a complete marketing funnel. It comes with a complete set of follow-up emails.

In Step 7 (there are just 7 steps) a VERY clear training video shows you how to link Build Your Matrix with your Trafficwave autoresponder.

The Step 7 training video lasts just under 7 minutes. That was all I needed to integrate everything and start promoting. Even if you have no previous experience, the step-by-step video is all you need to get your marketing funnel set up.

Smooth Site Design

From the moment I joined the program I noticed how smooth and easy it was to navigate.

The site is simple, but eye-catching and also mobile-responsive. That means it will adjust to any screen size, including mobile phones.

The Seven Steps are easy to navigate. Each of the first five steps introduces one of the five programs and the sign up procedure (if you are not a member already).

In Step 6 you simply enter your referral IDs. And in Step 7 you set up your marketing funnel.

Beautiful Landing Pages

The banners are well designed and the landing pages are beautiful! Plus there is a nice range of landing page options for you to tailor your campaigns around:

  • Standard affiliate link to the Build Your Matrix home page.
  • A splash page with a fly-in central panel (very eye-catching!).
  • A static splash page with a beach scene behind the central panel.
  • 3 stunning lead capture pages (for your list-building campaigns).
  • A lead capture page targeting Traffic Wave members.
  • A lead capture page targeting Leased Ad Space members.
  • A lead capture page targeting 4 Corners members.

Eye-Catching Banners

Whoever designed the banner ads did a great job! Here is an example:

build your matrix

If you are already in any of the programs, click the banner, above to get your free Build Your Matrix downline builder site. Then add your Referral IDs to the downline builder (Step 6).

Although joining any program is optonal, I suggest that you join all five programs for maximum upside potential.

Then set up your campaign (it takes about 7 minutes to complete).

Now you are ready for “Step 8” – focus on promoting Build Your Matrix to build your list and your downlines in five tried and tested programs.

Here’s to a prosperous 2017!

Best wishes,

David Hurley


P. S. If you have any thoughts or questions about Build Your Matrix, feel free to post them in the comments below. Or drop me a line and I will get back to you.


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