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Most link trackers only track clicks to your landing pages. That means you have no way of knowing whether your visitors are actually looking at your landing pages.

That’s what makes The Real Tracker stand out from the crowd.

Tracking Real Visitors

The Real Tracker is a FREE link tracker that tracks “real visitors” as well as “unique clicks” and “total clicks.”

Here is an example:


The Real Tracker checks visitor activities such as mouse movements, scrolling and browser visibility and returns data every five seconds. For a visitor to be counted a “real visitor” at least five seconds of activity on the landing page should be recorded.

That is also an effective way of eliminating web spiders, robots and other non-human hits as the tracker will register no activity from those clicks and therefore not count them as “real visits.”

The good stuff doesn’t stop there…

Visitor Duration

The Real Tracker also tracks how long each visitor stays on your landing page and presents all the data in a chart like this:


Create Site Tags On The Fly

With The Real Tracker you can also add tags to each tracking link, and you can do that right on the page, or email, where you are placing the link without having to log in to your tracking account.

For example, if you want to track clicks from an email follow-up series, you can create a single tracking link for the email series and then add “letter-1,” “letter-2,” “letter-3” tags to the link in each letter.

You will then be able to track your total, unique and REAL visitors from each email you send out in the series, AND the duration stats for each individually tagged link. This allows you to find out which message is delivering clickers, which is delivering “real visitors,” and how long they are staying on your landing pages.

You can do the same with safelists, TEs and any other online advertising you use.

Cross-Promote and Rotate Your Ads

Other features include an attention-grabbing cross-promotion ad bar, ad rotators with weighted rotation.

Click Here for an example of one of my squeeze pages with the cross-promotion bar in place.

All those services are included in the FREE link tracker back office.

A Nice Perk For Upgraded Members

Are there any tracking perks for upgraded LeadsLeap members?

Yes, there is one nice additional service. Upgraded members of LeadsLeap can customize their links like this:

You can then add your source tags to make nice offers like this:

Not only is The Real Tracker far better than other free link trackers, it also does what no other paid link tracker can do.

The Free Tracker is just one of the free tools that you can use as a member of LeadsLeap – and you can use it whether you are a free or upgraded member. No catches!

Click Here to set up your free account and start creating free link trackers for your landing pages.

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