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Tested and Proven

Tested And Proven (TAP) is a safelist downline builder. It’s also a free membership site whose owners research safelist email marketing programs to discover which ones actually work.

Those safelists are then added to the TAP downline builder along with PROOF that they work.

3 Benefits Of Tested And Proven

Offering proof delivers THREE important benefits to TAP members…

BENEFIT #1: You can focus on those safelists where owners are actively engaged with maintaining and improving the quality of their sites. Typically, their members of such safelists will be more active. You are less likely to end up wasting your credits, time or money.

Those are the safelists that deliver results for their members in the form of conversions. “Conversions” means people actually clicking on your links and then responding to your offers. On the TAP dashboard you can see screenshots of referrals, upgrades and purchases for every safelist in the downline builder.

BENEFIT #2: Because TAP features only TESTED  and PROVEN safelists, that makes it an excellent site to promote.

People are hungry for effective advertising sources, and so if you can offer PROOF that the sites you recommend actually get results, you will find it much easier to REFER MORE PEOPLE and have them UPGRADE in the sites they join.

BENEFIT #3: Your reputation as someone who can be trusted to recommend QUALITY programs will be helped enormously.

TAP Provides The Proof & You Provide The People

TAP features the best-performing ad sources based on REAL PROOF OF RESULTS from tracking stats. All you have to do is point people to TAP. and show them the benefit of joining. Remember, TAP is FREE to join, with NO UPGRADES, so it is easy enough to offer it to affiliate marketers.

The safelists in the downline builder are there for one reason only. They get RESULTS and now YOU have the PROOF!

See at a glance which advertising sources are DELIVERING RESULTS RIGHT NOW based on plain, honest FACTS!

TAP takes the guesswork out of advertising! That is why I am now recommending that you make use of TAP’S research and start improving YOUR results on the safelists.

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tested and proven


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