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January was the best month ever for my team and me in MyAdvertisingPays and a great start to the 2015 campaign.

I closed out 2014 with a total of 110 active credit packs sending “proven buyer” traffic to my landing pages.

MAPs Traffic

Talking about traffic, I am finding the MAPs traffic exchange to be a good source of subscribers to my mailing lists. I get the best results when I use my own unique squeeze pages.

Banner ads are a particularly good source of traffic on MyAdvertisingPays. I think the reason for this is because people click banners out of curiosity and so are likely to be more receptive to the landing page than when simply clicking for credits.

My January Competition

I was offering credit pack prizes to the five top credit-pack-buyers in my team through January 2015. That is the third credit-pack  competition I have run for my team, and the most successful one yet.

  • Total number of participants = 6
  • Total number of credit packs bought by my referrals = 93

I posted regular updates on the competition leaderboard page.

I am now distributing prizes to the top five, at the rate of about one credit pack per day from my daily profit share and commissions. As I write this I have delivered three out of sixteen packs to my team.

I believe that the best way for me to make progress in this business is to help my active team members make progress too. This creates a win-win situation for everybody involved.

Thank you to everybody who took part in the competition. Even if you did not win a prize, simply by taking action and buying a credit pack or two, you are now able to participate in the profit share and build your position in MyAdvertisingPays simply by clicking ten ads a day.

My First Elite Referral

During January, my competition winner, Ivan, bought a total of 46 credit packs and became my first Elite referral. Anybody who accumulates 100 credit packs joins the ranks of the “Elite.” Congratulations to Ivan! 🙂

I Hit My January Target

I aimed to grow my position in MAPs by 20 credit packs in January, from 110 to 130, even though two bulk purchases totalling 25 credit packs and several individual packs would expire during the month. By the end of January I had 134 credit packs. I actually hit an all time high for me of 136 credit packs at one stage.

I took the screenshot, below, on 29th January to mark the moment when I crossed a few milestones in my MAPs journey. My results are not typical, but here they are for the record:

  1. Lifetime Referral Commissions topped $1,000.
  2. Lifetime Profit Share topped $8,000.
  3. Lifetime Combined Earnings topped $9,000.


February Targets

As you can see from the screenshot, I am aiming to add another twenty active credit packs to my position in February, even though I am distributing 16 credit packs to my competition-winners and will see several more credit packs expire during the course of the month.

The keys are to set clear goals, focus on achieving results, take action every day with never failing persistence.

If you are looking for a source of “proven buyer traffic” and can spare five minutes a day to click ten ads, you too can succeed with MyAdvertisingPays in three easy steps:

Step 1 = Join MyAdvertisingPays (free).

Step 2 = Buy Credit Packs.

Step 3 = Click 10 ads per day to qualify for the daily profit share (paid every 20 minutes).

Step 4 = Send traffic to your landing pages.


David Hurley


P. S. If you have any questions or comments, either post them below in the comments section, or drop me a line via the contact form on this blog.

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