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Back in 2013 I wrote an ebook in which I explained three ways to improve your results when promoting on viral mailers and safelists.

A lot has changed since then and I no longer promote the ebook, but the three tips I discussed in it are still my top three safelist marketing tactics today. They are:

1. Aim to build your own list first.

2. Target your e-mails to the people you are mailing to.

3. Use safelist campaigns to raise your profile through personal branding.

Safelist Marketing Tactic #1: Build Your List

You might think that you don’t need to build a list of your own when safelists give you instant access to several thousand members already.

But that is a mistake.

Sure, as an upgraded member of a large safelist you can contact several thousand people several times a week. BUT they are not “your” people because you do NOT own the list; the SAFELIST OWNER OWNS THE LIST!

That may sound obvious, but what it means is that the safelist owner has a built-in advantage over you when mailing to the list…

* First of all she can mail everybody on the list whenever she wants to.

* Second, as the safelist owner, she has a lot more NAME RECOGNITION among the subscribers than you do:

Name recognition is an important factor in building TRUST. Building trust is one of the biggest keys to succeeding with an online business…

* Third, since the list members have already subscribed to the safelist owner’s service, she can offer them cheap deals, credit bonuses and other incentives that give her campaigns a big edge over yours, because her subscribers are already using the safelist and are familiar with it; they will tend to TRUST an email message from a safelist owner MORE than one from another safelist subscriber.

Does that mean that we have no chance of building our business with safelists?


What it means is that we must appeal to the subscribers on each safelist in such a way as to draw as many of them as possible onto our own list so that we can cultivate a closer relationship with them.

Safelist Marketing Tactic #2: Target Your Audience

WHO are you contacting when you send out a safelist email message?

You are contacting people who are trying to make money on the Internet by using safelists!

Most of those people will be “affiliate marketers” who have joined a program and are trying to promote it.

In most cases, they will not have made any money yet.

If they have made any money, it will be small change, and quite possibly LESS than they have spent on their business so far.

They see safelists as a low cost way to promote their affiliate program. They feel somewhat frustrated that things are not working as well as they would wish, especially when they see others boasting about how much money they are making online.

Wait a minute! That sounds like me a few years ago!

What about you? Does the person I have just described sound familiar to you…?

What that person is looking for is not another biz op – he already has one and he is probably trying to promote it to YOU!

Instead, the typical safelist marketer is looking for a SOLUTION to his marketing problems. He believes safelists CAN work but he has not had much success with them yet.

So, what if, instead of trying to get other safelist users to join your program, you were to offer them a free report about how to use advertising sites to build their business?

It makes much more sense than attempting to convince other safelist users that “my biz op is better than yours!”

They have seen your standard affiliate recruiting page hundreds of times already, because lots of other lazy marketers are also promoting it!

Safelist Marketing Tactic #3: Brand Yourself


TE Traffic Storm is a free, rebrandable, ebook that teaches how to make money with traffic exchanges and other advertising sites. Give it away via a personally branded squeeze page to build your list and your downlines. Nice and easy!

Do not waste your safelist credits promoting standard affiliate pages. Instead, create a personally-branded squeeze page and use it to promote a free report about how to advertise online, with an opt-in form connected to your autoresponder.

Suddenly, you have something DIFFERENT and RELEVANT to offer.

Suddenly, you are the person who STANDS OUT from the crowd of lazy same-as-everybody-else safelist marketers…

You are NOT SELLING but GIVING AWAY your knowledge FREE – in short, you are now providing a valuable service that attracts other safelist user to you so they can learn HOW to use safelists more effectively, which is something every safelist user needs to know.

By putting the needs of safelist users ahead of your desire to refer people into your business, you will get a much better response from your campaigns.

That will make it much easier for you to build your own mailing list and earn the trust of your target audience. And that is why it makes sense to target your safelist e-mails so that they address the needs of other safelist users.

Try my top three safelist marketing tactics and I am sure you will get better results.

David Hurley


P. S. Looking for a good info product to give away? Check out T. E. Traffic Storm – my free, rebrandable ebook that shows you how to make money on traffic exchanges and other advertising sites.

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