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Niche Blog Training is the process of learning the art of promoting offers through relevant keywords and good quality content. The aim is to attract people who are already interested in finding such product and who search for them via Google and other search engines.

Niche blogging can take years to master if you don’t have access to an experienced coach or top-level training program.

However, once you have mastered this skill you will have an effective method of growing multiple streams of online income.

When you search online for niche blog training programs you will find two that stand out more than most: Empower Network and Wealthy Affiliate.

Empower Network versus Wealthy Affiliate

Empower Network makes a potentially lucrative affiliate program look like an easy win if you just buy each level of progressive training. It is essentially an affiliate program geared to selling more and more expensive training modules to new members.

Wealthy AffiliateOn the other hand, Wealthy Affiliate bring decades of online success to the table, training you to place real products in front of the masses and build affiliate income and advertising revenues through your blog content.

Like Empower Network, Wealthy Affiliate offer blog-based marketing training and professional blogging tactics, BUT unlike Empower there are no big money upgrades after you go pro.

Wealthy Affiliate offer all the training Empower Network provides and more for one low monthly fee – or and even lower annual membership.

The comparison chart (below) lays out some of the key differences between the two programs and shows you why I prefer Wealthy Affiliate as a niche blog training program:

Here, in more detail, are some of the benefits Wealthy Affiliate members enjoy:

  • Video Training: Basic, intermediate, and advanced step by step instructional videos that teach you everything from how to choose a good domain name to how to find and target high traffic and low competition keywords and search terms.
  • SEO Training: Learn blog-based Search Engine Optimization and how to market, interact, and grow with your audience so more of your blog readers become subscribers.
  • Blog Content Training: Wealthy Affiliate teaches blog based affiliates how to present items for sale without writing a sales pitch and helps you choose the right niche, or niche’s for your business so you can turn your passion into income.
  • Niche Affiliate Training: Do you have a hobby like collecting sports cards or gardening? Wealthy Affiliate shows you how to find affiliate programs for any Blog.
  • Hosting: As a premium member you get unlimited personal domain hosting that instantly builds WordPress blogs for you in under 5 minutes with just a few clicks. (Free members can build free sites using sub-domains tied to the SiteRubix domain.)
  • Webinars anyone? Every week there is new training and real time case studies of websites they build live on the webinar so you can see how and when to use each tactic they personally use as well as teach.

I have not found another training program for this price that shows you the steps and let’s you see exactly what the experts do to build their own empires.

Indeed, since joining Wealthy Affiliate I have been implementing their training here on HomeBizWeekly.com. You are most likely reading this article because I used tactics and training from Wealthy Affiliate to go out and find you on the search engines.

And not just you but hundreds of people just like you will find this review because of what Wealthy Affiliate have taught me.

To cap it all off they have a lucrative Affiliate Program. Refer just three upgraded members and your commissions will pay for your monthly membership and put you in profit fast with one of the easiest products on the Internet to sell.

Your first 10 lessons are free and if you take advantage of the limited time offer you can save money on your first month of premium membership too. Even if you decide to stay at the free-membership level, you will find there are plenty of benefits available to you.

For upgraded members, coaching and support includes live peer-to-peer and expert chats, community-generated tutorials, and daily access to the owners of the blog, as well as support and feedback from thousands of other members who have or are walking the same path you are travelling.

The community support and one-on-one mentoring are second to none and are also included in that $47 a month prices tag so start your free trial today and be sure to come back to this blog and tell us what you think of the top-quality training at Wealthy Affiliate.
David Hurley

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