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Although blogging is clearly one of the most effective online advertising techniques, blogging is not the primary focus of this post. I will come back to blogging at the end. 🙂

Incidentally, if you came here looking for the best way to get started with business blogging and coaching, THIS is what I have been using and recommending since November 2015.

most effective online advertising techniquesYes, blogging is a highly effective way to promote your business, but it should not be the only tool in your online advertising toolkit. It should be complimented by other effective online advertising techniques such as solo-email advertising, banner advertising, and text advertising.

Back in April 2016 an advertising platform called LeasedAdSpace was launched which offered all three of those services. It perfectly complemented my existing ad networks such as The Online Ad Network. (I’ve been advertising with TOAN since 2012.) So I joined LAS and started testing the program.

I posted a LeasedAdSpace review with a recommendation based on early results that TestedAndProven reported in May 2016.

But then I figured that no matter how great an advertising opportunity LeasedAdSpace is, some people may still fail to get good results due to poorly constructed ads. So I decided to offer a few ideas around creating effective ads that actually get the click.

CTR Reveals How Effective Your Ads Are

In the end, it is your click-through rate (CTR) that determines what the most effective online advertising techniques actually are. And CTR depends on three things:

  1. The quality and popularity of the website where your ads are placed.
  2. Ad placement: How accurately are your ads targeting the desires of the audience where they are placed?
  3. The appeal of the advertising content you place on the site, whether it is a blog post, a classified or banner ad.

If those three tumblers align, one of the most effective online advertising techniques will unlock at your command.

Working With LAS To Hone Your Most Effective Online Advertising Techniques

most effective online advertising techniques(1) LAS is continuing to grow in membership. It is a well designed site that offers the kind of quality services that I’m constantly looking out for. So the “first tumbler” – site quality and popularity – falls into place.

(2) LAS is ideally targeted for marketers operating in the business opportunity, home-business, network marketing and online business services niches. Since those are my niches, my ads are likely to find an appropriate target audience on LAS. The “second tumbler” falls into place.

(3) Now, to unlock the full potential of LAS, the rest is up to YOU the advertiser. So let’s look at how you can improve the effectiveness of your advertising on LeasedAdSpace.

Banner Ads

Banners are one of the most popular form of online advertising. Marketers love them mainly because they are almost always provided by whoever owns the programs they are promoting.

Because of this, banners are usually misused. Thousands of affiliates post those exact same banner anywhere and everywhere they can! Sometimes I even wonder if the target audience are still responsive to those overused banners.

I believe generic, made-for-you banners would work better on your own website. Instead, design your own unique custom-made banners to improve your effectiveness on ad platforms such as LAS and TOAN.

Solo Ads

Perhaps the most coveted form of online advertising is the solo ad.

A solo ad is a form of opt-in email marketing. It directly targets individuals through their inbox. In a lot of cases, solo ad recipients are already pre-qualified for a specific type of promotion.

For that reason, solo ads are usually quite expensive, running into several hundreds of dollars a pop in some cases.

With Leads Ad Space, for a one-time payment, you get to post one solo ad at regular intervals for life. For just $7 you will be able to post one solo ad once every 28 days.

Also, every solo ad you send gets cross-posted to the LAS blog, and every single solo ad creates a unique page that gets indexed by the search engines.

Each time you purchase a new advertising package the interval between solo ad mailings gets shorter. At the highest membership level you pay a one-time-only LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP fee of $147 and can post a solo ad once every 48 hours.

As I write this, LAS has over 3,000 members on their mailing list. I expect membership to grow to over 10,000 members during the course of this year.

Solo Ads are so powerful because they literally allow you to “lease” someone else’s email list. And if you know that the money is in the list, you’ll know exactly why they’re a really big deal.

So What Makes A Solo Ad Effective?

Here are some pointers:

  • Attractive: This is not just about the ad being graphically pleasing. It is also about how eye-catching its headline and message are to the target audience.
  • Compelling: The message in the ad must inspire the viewer to click through and view your landing page. Otherwise, it is a waste of time and money.
  • Powerful: Every ad must contain a clear message which either suggests a solution to a problem or promises a better solution than what’s currently available.
  • Well Placed: Just like setting up a convenience store, location is everything. That’s why ad space in the header is usually more expensive than space in the footer of the same website. The same is true for placement within the body of your solo ad. Make sure you place a link and Call To Action above the fold when writing email copy.

How To Use Your Ad Stats On Leased Ad Space

If you’re not tracking your ads, you’ll never know how effective they are.

Happily for LAS members, LAS tracks the effectiveness of each ad you post. You can see how many people viewed each of your ads, and the CTR. That means you can instantly see which ads work for you.

You can then try to improve your CTR on LAS by running split tests on your ads and eliminating the one with the lower CTR each time.

 CTR Is Useless Without Conversions…

I’m usually disappointed when I am drawn in by a powerful ad with a compelling Call To Action that sends me to a plain old program sign-up page. I am not yet sold on your program!

Adkreator helps create the most effective online advertising techniques: unique ads and landing pages.You will get a better conversion rate from your ads if you link to a unique lead capture page. I use AdKreator to quickly and easily create my own unique and effective lead capture pages.

When you plan an ad campaign on LAS, be sure to understand that the click is only a means to an end. What you’re really after is a conversion. And you only get that when someone who’s looking for what you have to offer clicks through. That is what catapults conversion rates through the roof.

Therefore, it is in your best interests to identify what the audience is generally interested in, then craft your ads to convert them into customers. That is one of the most effective online advertising techniques there is. It will tur LAS, and any other reputable online advertising platform into an effective lead-generation source for your campaigns.

An Afterword About Blogging…

In December 2016 Leased Ad Space added a powerful new blogging feature to their advertising services. We already know that running your own blog is one of the most effective online advertising techniques out there.

Backlinking from relevant sources of quality content is almost as important. Having your own blog on LAS enables you to do just that.

Here’s how I have started using the LAS blog service:

After publishing an article on HomeBizWeekly, I went over to my LAS blog and posted a “news report” about the article on my primary blog. I included a keyword link back to my primary blog.

I just checked my LAS blog post and it has received 439 views so far, since 2nd January 2017. Very nice.

Here is the link to my LAS blog post so you can see how it works.

For more info about the blogging service and how to activate it, check out this video by LeasedAdSpace program owner, Richard Weberg:

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