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business question help

The ultimate business question help resource: Power Questions shows you how to turn questions into resources to build your business relationships and influence others by focusing on their needs and desires, and not on your problems… 35 stories show the effectiveness of powerful business questions that help others see your business as the answer to their needs.

How can reframing an online business question help you get better results? Quite simply, it is about shifting your focus away from yourself and onto the needs of your target market.

If you are feeling frustrated by a lack of success, it could be that you are asking the wrong questions.

Typical questions that frustrated Internet marketers ask are:

  • How can I get more prospects?
  • How can I get more subscribers?
  • How can I get more customers?
  • How can I make (more) money?

Each question is really a cry of frustration: “I am frustrated because I don’t have enough prospects / subscribers / customers / money.”

But questions that begin with “How can I get / make…?” are not just expressions of frustration. They are also ADD to the frustration you already feel. They help to keep you in a negative loop.

The reason is because the focus is on your needs as an Internet marketer, and not on the needs of your target market.

What you need to try and do is have each business question help you discover positive solutions. Then you must take appropriate action.

Make Every Business Question Help You Shift Your Focus

You can still use a “How can I…?” question, but choose a verb that moves the focus away from you to your market. When you do that, each business question helps avoid a frustrating conclusion. For example, the following questions shift your focus onto the needs of your customers:

  • How can I ATTRACT more prospects?
  • How can I GIVE BETTER ADVICE to my subscribers?
  • How can I OFFER EXTRA VALUE to my customers?
  • How can I EARN more money?

You can also turn the questions around so they are even more focused on your customers’ needs. for example:

  • What would ATTRACT more prospects to me?
  • What advice are my subscribers SEEKING?
  • What problems are my customers trying to SOLVE?

If you can answer those questions, and then provide the solutions, there will be no need to ask how you can earn more money at all.

Take Action Based On The Answers You Found

Once you have reframed your marketing questions and found some clear answers, the next step is to take action. Create a blog and use an autoresponder to create an email newsletter service.

Use those resources to attract your target market to you. Then convert them step by step into subscribers, customers and repeat-customers.

No matter what answers you come up with to your questions, the tools of the trade are the same: Use social media and your advertising budget to reach out to your market and attract people to your blog and/or landing pages.

Place an opt-in form and a compelling free offer on your blog and/or landing pages. Follow up with and a series of high quality relationship-building newsletters.

The advice you send out in your newsletter, and the way in which you engage with people who post comments or contact you directly will help you to EARN AUTHORITY in the market place.

When you have earned authority, sales will follow. You have to EARN authority before you can truly EARN money as an Internet marketer. That is why asking helpful online business questions is so important at the outset.

Finally, track and test your campaigns and if the results are not very good at first, keep asking business questions that help you shift your focus. Continue to work on making everything you do more ATTRACTIVE to your market.

As long as your focus is on the needs of the market more than on what you want to “get,” with persistence, you will get better at attracting your market to you. It all begins with making every business question help you focus on your market.

David Hurley

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