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Leased Ad SpaceLeased Ad Space first caught my attention when Penny Cannon and Klaus Biesel of added it to the “Tools & Other Programs” section of their downline-builder in May of this year.

Once a program is added to the TestedAndProven downline-builder, every sign-up and every commission earned is tracked and reported. That way, the membership can see what’s working and discover the best programs to join.

Here’s what they said about LeasedAdSpace when they introduced the program to their newsletter subscribers back in May 2016:

We would like to introduce you to a program which is owned by Richard Weberg, the owner of Your8Steps, who has now launched an 8×7 Matrix Advertising Platform.


A matrix? Yes, if it hadn’t been designed by Richard, we probably wouldn’t introduce it to you at all but after joining, we realised that LeasedAdSpace is more than just a matrix with a mailer attached.


Banner and text advertising and solo emails are already available and there is more to come. It Offers incredible value for real quality advertising and we expect to see some serious results from it. Of course, we will be monitoring the impact of our mailing campaigns there.


You can start with just 7 USD one-time to be able to send 1 solo each month for life. That is the price we pay at several programs just to send out 1 solo!

Three weeks later, Penny and Klaus sent an update on their experience with Leased Ad Space so far:

We are seriously considering moving LAS from the section “Other Programs” into the TAP sources in our DLB [i.e. the section that lists the top-performers], but to be fair, we have decided to wait as we want to see how it performs after more members have purchased the higher advertising packages which allow you to send solo mails more frequently.


Although we haven’t purchased the highest upgrade levels yet, LAS brought 7 referrals into TAP within 2 months, which is more than most mailers where we have been upgraded for much more longer.

Another month went by, and then, on 16th August 2016, they sent out another newsletter in which they updated us on their opinion of Leased Ad Space:

LAS has turned out to be a real winner. Aren’t we all here to make some money online? To get paid by a program set up by a trusted owner? Even being paid 100 percent instantly for EVERY sale we make?


Of course you can make money by promoting this launch and that launch but look at the numbers.


LAS has paid over 67,000.00 USD since launch [in April 2016]. That’s 500 bucks on average per day. That tops all mailer launches. All of them together haven’t paid that much. And only a few have turned out to deliver results as well.


If you want to make money and get results, you really shouldn’t ignore this opportunity. We highly recommend you join and promote LAS.

Advertising On Leased Ad Space

Okay, so what about the quality of the advertising that you purchase on Leased Ad Space? Here’s what Penny and Klaus reported in their newsletter sent on 16th September 2016:

1 solo sent at LeasedAdSpace brought 4 referrals and 2 BIG SALES!


Disregarding the matrix part of LAS and concentrating solely on the advertising aspect, the solo ads you can send at LAS (from 1 to 15 a month FOR LIFE depending on the package you purchased) are currently beating all mailers and solo ads you can get anywhere else.


The most exciting part is that this is only going to get better because you still get to send your solo to all members, no matter how big the list grows.


To reflect these impressive results, we have moved LAS into the main downline builder at TAP and there is also a new splash page showing the proof in the Affiliate Toolbox for you to promote LAS directly along with TAP.

My Impression of Leased Ad Space

I joined Leased Ad Space on 18th September 2016 using profits withdrawn from MyPayingAds via SolidTrustPay to cover my first traffic package.

I paid $7 for the Pearl package, which includes:

  • 8,000 banner impressions.
  • 4,000 text ad impressions.
  • 1 solo ad to the whole membership every 28 days.
  • 1 permanent text ad in the classified ads directory.
  • The right to earn 8 x $7 from the first 8 people in my 1st level of the matrix.

The process of purchasing the package directly from someone in my upline went very smoothly. The instructions are clear, and the LAS website is one of the smoothest and best-designed that I have experienced for a long-time.

It was also very easy to set up my ads. I now have a couple of banner ads and a few text ads promoting my other programs and one of my ebooks on LAS. Impressions, clicks, and the Click-Through-Rate are all shown on the Dashboard.

I sent out my solo ad and the results look promising:

  •  Recipients: 3062
  • Opens: 117
  • Clicks: 93
  • Blog clicks: 8

My impression of Leased Ad Space is very positive, so I will continue to use profits from
MyPayingAds to buy Leased Ad Space traffic packages until I have purchased the “Red Diamond” package, which will give me:

  • 110,000 banner impressions every month!
  • 20,000 text ad impressions every month!
  • 1 solo ad every 48 hours!
  • Unlimited permanent text ad in the classified ads directory.
  • The right to earn 100% commissions from all levels of the matrix.

Now that is an excellent example of building leverage into your online business!

Click Here to Find Out More About Leased Ad Space.

David Hurley

P. S. If you let me know what you think (in polite language!) about my review in the comments, below, and sign off with your Zubeezone username, I’ll send you 500 Zubees as a free gift at my discretion. 🙂


Leased Ad Space


36 Responses to Leased Ad Space

  • Allen Tan says:

    Review and Comments are impressive. I would love to try and I did try to join and after 4th time recieving notifications I leave it.

    Your password does not meet minimum strength requirements. Passwords must be between 8 and 64 characters and must contain a letter, a number and a special character (3 capital letter 6 numbers and 2 small letter)
    Your email address entries do not match. Make SURE the email you used is correct and can receive our account confirmation email! (I don’t see any difference.)
    what could be wrong here?

    Zubee Zone username : zazarin

    • David Hurley says:

      Hi Allen Tan,

      I think you give up too easily! Your first two attempts were routine password set-up. It is a good thing that the site owner takes security more seriously than many program owners. 🙂

      As for your email address, perhaps you left a blank space before or after the address (that sometimes occurs when copying and pasting email addresses). If not, contact support. It would also be worth joining the LAS Facebook group. Don’t give up. Get involved.

      All the best,



    Your idea of how to use the leased ad space to earn more advertising was amazing . Especially on how to use mypaying ads to upgrade.
    Zubee zone username: Leohammed

  • margarita niemeyer says:

    Interesting information about this program. I´ll think about joining. My username for zubbees is atacamaval

  • Eduardo Munoz says:


    It`s a wonderfull info for marketing all web and offer to a Target people

    My zubbe name: eduardo1320


  • Johanneke Hefting says:

    I love to see how you learn us tips and tricks to have better results in promoting.
    It helps to do more with less efforts 🙂
    My zubee username is karel01

  • Aleksander says:

    Great review, i am already a member of LAS and it is a great way to advertise. And it converts great because everybody needs advertising. My zubeezone user name is Aleksander

  • margarita niemeyer says:

    Thanks so much! I was wondering if LAS paid commissions and gave zubees.

  • margarita niemeyer says:

    It´s wonderful how we can learn about other ways to earn. Thank you very much. My zubee zone username is atacamaval

  • Bo Tipton says:

    David great review as usual. I have been at Leased Ad Space since it launched and since day one it has been a consistent performer.

    There are not many places that every time you send out an email you get optins. That has been my experience at LAS.

    I joined for the advertising and have been pleasantly surprised with the advertising results but I am not going to complain about the income.

    I originally joined as a founder at the top level and it quickly paid for itself. Now all the advertising is free.

    Not many places that you can join for a one-time payment of $7 and get a free solo ad every month for life and quickly get your money back so that your advertising is free.

    Thanks for the review good info.

    • David Hurley says:

      Hi Bo,

      Thank you for taking the time to post some positive feedback (much appreciated), and for sharing your LAS experience with us as someone who joined at the start.

      You make a pertinent point about the high potential for free advertising on LAS. You only need one referral to purchase to get your money back on that traffic package. After that, it’s all free advertising and profit.

  • Arunodhay says:

    Hi David,

    I have been reading your reviews from past 1 month or so. I have been seeing options of MPA and after reading your review have actually signed at MPA by using your link just to see what is this. I will try it out.

    • David Hurley says:

      Hi Arunodhay,

      Thank you for using my affiliate link to join MPA. It is currently one of my favourite programs, especially now that I have started funnelling profits from it to LAS, as I mentioned in my LAS review.

      As I write this, I have withdrawn a total of $66 from MPA to STP, and bought three traffic packs on LAS with those MPA profits (so I am now an Emerald member of LAS). Later this week I expect to withdraw enough from MPA to cover the cost of a $47 Sapphire traffic pack.

      With MPA you can get started with a $5 ad pack and build up from there. If you need any help with the program, drop me a line any time.

      Best wishes,


  • brian says:

    Hi David

    I subscribe to your blog. I too along with others i imagine, find it hard to figure out what program is trustworthy etc. There are so many out there. Your piece on Leased Ad Space was what i needed. Honest!
    So – I have just signed up under you.
    Regards zubeezone11

    • David Hurley says:

      Hi Brian,

      Thank you for your feedback, and for signing up to LAS via my link. I appreciate it. I have already approved your payment. The key steps now are to post your banner and text ads, and send out a solo email ad to the membership.

      I have just sent you 1,000 zubees, 500 for the comment and 500 as a bonus “thank you” for using my affiliate link to join LAS.

      I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on LAS in due course. I think you will be pleasantly surprised with how smoothly the program runs and also with the advertising and the 100% commissions (assuming you promote it).

      All the best,


  • Steve McCarthy says:

    Hi David,

    Thanks for the review of LAS, its always good to see an honest review of a site, instead of the hyperbole flaunted around on splash pages by those who are only interested in having you sign up under them.



  • Sharon Koester says:

    Thank you for the gift of the temporary diamond zubee and the article about leasedadspace. You really gave a great review of that site. LAS sounds like a promising site.
    I enjoy reading your really meaty and frank articles.

  • Shelagh Drew says:

    Hello David, I to have been avoiding LAS mostly because I have been waiting for someone to write something about them. Your post was very well done and I will be joining as soon as I can. Zubee Zone ID drewgida, 🙂 . Thanks again.

  • This program certainly look interesting David, I have seen it around but have’nt actually given it much attention until now.
    Will take a closer look now to see how it all works thanks for the review it was very helpful.

  • Clair says:

    Hi David,
    I must admit, I had been ignoring Leased Ad Space, but your review and the comments of Penny and Klaus have convinced me.

    One suggestion in your review, you might mention which payment processors they accept. With all the problems Paypal has been giving sites recently, it’s good to know that LAS also takes Payza and STP.

    Thanks for the review.

    • David Hurley says:

      Hi Clair,

      Thank you for your feedback.

      It’s a good point you raise about the payment processors. As you note, LAS accept payments via Paypal, Payza and Solid Trust Pay.

      Incidentally, it is a good idea to have accounts with all three processors and link all three of them to LAS. That way, you can accept direct payments no matter which processor your referrals use to purchase traffic packs.


  • Hello,

    Thank you for the excellent review about LAS. I’m seriously thinking about joining this program and will be joining under you.

    • David Hurley says:

      Hi Nabila,

      Thank you for your comment. I just sent 500 zubees to nabboo!

      You’d be most welcome in my team. I hope my blog posts give you some good insight in how to work with LAS and other programs.


  • claire koch says:

    i thought your idea of how to use the leased ad space to earn more advertising was fabulous. Especially on how to use mypaying ads to upgrade. Zubee zone username: ckoch

    • David Hurley says:

      Hi Claire,

      Thank you for popping by and posting a comment.

      Using MyPayingAds profits to upgrade my LAS membership is, I think, a good example of how to leverage your online income into bigger profit-and-marketing potential. I continue to grow my position in MPA as well as LAS, which gives me more and more advertising power as well as greater actual and potential profits.

      I just sent you 500 zubees!


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