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I have a lot of respect for Brian Rooney, the founder of the Trafficwave autoresponder and a big hitter in the Organo Gold business, but I admit I was sceptical about the quality of the product behind The Online Ad Network (TOAN).


Because I have seen so many “ad networks” that just don’t work and no matter how good their compensation plan may be, if the product is a dud I am NOT going to recommend it to my members.

However, you can try out TOAN for $1 for the first 15 days if you set up a subscription via Paypal, or completely free via Alertpay. If you don’t cancel your subscription, on day 16 your subscription of $19.95 per month begins.

So I decided to check it out… 🙂

At first, when I joined in 2012, I was not overly impressed with the site as the design is pretty basic, but it gets the job done. The site was redesigned and upgraded in 2014, and is very easy to navigate and use.

The first step is to set up your ad panel. Once that is done you can move on to Step 2 and start uploading your ads. Helpful instructional videos are provided. Here’s a screenshot of the site after logging in:

After logging into TOAN you come to this page. Pretty basic, but it gets the job done.

How To Upload Ads

To upload a new ad, go to the Control Panel by clicking the “Access Ad Control Panel” button in the yellow “STEP 2” box.

Then, hover your cursor over the “Features / Settings” option and click “Buy More Advertising“ in the drop-down menu.

Buy More TOAN Ads

Hover your cursor over the Features/Settings link, then click the “Buy More Advertising” link in the beige drop-down box to set up your ads.

YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PAY for the ads you are uploading.

The link simply takes you to the ad-creation page.

Setting up your ad on the ad creation page is pretty straightforward.

If you want to upload a banner, scroll down to the bottom of the ad category list and choose either the 125 x 125 option or the 468 x 60 option.

TOAN banner ad set up

You can post two banner ad sizes, 125 x 125 and 480 x 60.

If you want to create a text ad, find the appropriate category (if it exists) and click the “Continue” button.

After clicking through the next page (to accept the terms and conditions) you will come to the text ad page for your category. Like everything else on the site, it is pretty straightforward and does its job:

TOAN Text Ad Form

And that is all there is to uploading ads.

Use TOAN To Leverage Your Advertising

When I started with TOAN, I uploaded a couple of banners and at first the results did not seem particularly impressive. To be honest, I forgot about TOAN for a couple of weeks until the first subscription payment kicked in. I thought I had better make a bit more of an effort with it to see if it was any good before the second payment was due, so I uploaded another nineteen banner ads.

The result was that my total impression account for one day jumped from a “high” of just 22 impressions on December 22nd, to 365 on December 27th, and the clicks my ads were receiving jumped from just “2″ to “13″.

Okay, so the figures are not great, but a lightbulb went off in my head…

Wait a minute! The deal at TOAN is that you can upload UNLIMITED numbers of different ads (NOT duplicate ads) and it seems that the more ads you upload, the more impressions you get – and the more clicks… What if I upload 100 ads, or 1000 ads??

It does not cost any more to upload 1000 ads, and once they are up, you don’t have to do anything with them except renew them with a couple of clicks each month.

Once they are uploaded, the banner and text ads will bring impressions and clicks to my offers every day. That is what has been happening since I joined the programme.

Also, the CTR varies from ad to ad, but I have discovered that compelling banner and text ads can generate much higher CTRs than I experienced in my early tests of the site. I have had some of my ads have achieve a 24% CTR. There are reports that CTRs can go up as high as 50%.


Brian Rooney has created a service that follows the principles of his outstandingly successful Trafficwave autoresponder model. You pay a fixed price but there are no limits on how much you can use the service. That is the key to TOAN – although the CTR may be low (but better than most traffic exchanges and safelists), because the number of ads you can post is unlimited, you can leverage your efforts over time by repeatedly increasing your ad output on the site.

The watchword for online marketing success is “focus” and The Online Ad Network looks set to enable you to maintain your focus on your primary business, while giving you an opportunity to promote a wide range of attractive secondary offers too. In other words, you can spread your net without losing your primary focus – and that will be a great benefit to many online marketers.

David Hurley


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