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This report was written in January 2013, one month after I joined The Online Ad Network.

Now that a month has passed since I joined TOAN, I can tell you that it is very easy to renew your TOAN ads when they expire after 30 days.

I received an email from TOAN explaining the process a few days before the first ad I posted was due to expire :

Hello,  David Hurley 


If you set up your ads right after you signed up, you most likely have some ads that are getting ready to expire.


Not to worry. You’re just a few clicks away from reactivating your ads.


Just log in to your account and click on “Access My Ad Control Panel”.


Any ads that need to be reactivated will have a big bold message in red that says:


Alert – This ad has expired!


Just click the link labeled “Re-Activate this ad”.


Then click the “Continue” button.


Scroll down and click “Renew Advertisement”.


Why do we require you to reactivate your ads?


Part of our goal here is to provide high quality advertising so we require that ads be checked every 30 days. This will help us make sure that the site doesn’t become saturated with redundant or out dated content.


By keeping the user experience clean and updated, we can continually create new and repeat visitors for your offers!


Yours in Success,

Brian Rooney


In this video Brian Rooney shows you just how easy it is to reactivate your ads:

I just went through the process today for a couple of expired TOAN ads, and it really is as easy to do as Brian Rooney says it is. That is good news because I now have over 100 ads on The Online Ad Network bringing traffic to my sites every day.

Read my review of the The Online Ad Network compensation plan or click here to join my TOAN team.

David Hurley


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