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Everybody has heard of online auction sites such as eBay, and most people will either have some experience of buying or selling online auction already, or they will know somebody who has that experience.

Hundreds of thousands of people who have no prior business experience have found that they can earn some cash by selling their old stuff on one or other of these online auctions.

For sellers, next logical step from selling your junk is to find more stuff to sell and make more money. All you need to do is to locate a place where you can buy stuff cheap and then sell it for a nice mark-up on eBay, Tripleclicks or even on your blog.

The problem however is right there with finding a supplier…

The Problem Of Supply…

Where exactly can you find a regular supply of good quality stuff that you can buy cheaply and sell at a reasonable price on the auctions and still make a nice profit on top?

The answer of course is to buy your products in bulk from wholesale suppliers and resell those products on your favourite auction sites at retail prices.

Unfortunately, it can be quite difficult to find genuine wholesalers. The obvious place to search for wholesale suppliers would be the Internet, but if you are not careful you are likely to end up dealing with a scam artist or an expensive middleman who charges you exorbitant fees merely to supply you with a list of unverified suppliers.

In short, finding a good supplier without the right advice can be like walking through a minefield. Just because a website is listed on page one of Google for your search does not mean that the business is legitimate.

However, there is one service out there that I can wholeheartedly recommend, which is Chris Malta’s WorldWideBrands (approved by eBay).

What Is WorldWideBrands?

WorldWideBrands is not a wholesaler or drop shipper, but a supplier research service.

WorldWideBrands has a team of research experts who are constantly searching for honest, good quality suppliers. The suppliers have to meet the stringent list of requirements in order to get placed on one of the WorldWideBrands directories.

What this means for you, as budding retailer, is an end to your product sourcing headaches, and a huge savings of time and money that you risk spending on fruitless searches that yields unreliable, or frankly dishonest dealers.

WorldWideBrands will also actively cooperate with you to help you find the most suitable supplier for your niche.

Why WorldWideBrands?

Members of WorldwideBrands can use WorldWideBrands’ Product Sourcing Tool. This tool contains over 8,000,000 products from thousands of suppliers.

1. WWB are the first and original source for dropshippers and light bulk wholesalers that work with online retailers.

2. They verify each supplier before listing them in their tool to keep out middlemen and scams.

3. You would work directly with each supplier for the best profit margin.

4. WorldWideBrands shows you how to sell products online, offers you the best methods and supplies you with top-quality market research.

5. You will also have the security of a private community forum where you can go and consult experienced online sellers, or offer feedback as your own experience grows.

So, if you are seriously interested in starting and succeeding with an online auction or direct-sales drop-shipping business, check out WorldWideBrands to find out where the trustworthy suppliers are to be found.

David Hurley


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David Hurley