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Last week I came home and found an attempted-delivery note in my postbox. I had no idea what the parcel was and I couldn’t recall ordering anything in the previous few days.

I scheduled a re-delivery on the Japan Post website and the mystery parcel arrived the following evening. As soon as I saw the SFI logo on the box I realized that I’d received surprise box of goodies from SFI. I had won another SFI Leadership Prize. Cool!

SFI sent me a “Build Something Great” t-shirt, a set of earphoness in a storage box, a large plastic mug, and a “Team Work” squeezy rubber thingy. 🙂

Here’s a photo of what was inside the parcel. (Actually, the sunglasses were in a previous SFI Leadership Prize package, but I couldn’t resist including them in the photo.)

Thank you, SFI. I really do appreciate the recognition for my efforts. I am proving that “Team Work” really is the key to success with SFI. We really can “Build Something Great” with SFI through Team Work.

I totally believe that, and that’s why I am so keen on investing in my team through my VP Competition and PSA Challenge every single month, as well as running a Guaranteed PSA Co-op exclusively for my downline, which I believe offers better value for money than any other recruiting option available to my team through SFI or through private suppliers on Tripleclicks or elsewhere.

Proof That My Team’s Team-Work Works!

screenshot-2016-09-15-at-15-05-29A few days after receiving my Leadership Prize, the results of August’s Unstoppable Contest were published on the SFI news blog…

It was no surprise to see my sponsor, Stone Evans, in first place, and I congratulate him for consistently being either a top recruiter, or in the top three.

What was truly amazing was to discover that I was in SEVENTH, and even better than that, my most active referral, Hans Bergmeier, had achieved THIRD place.

Not only that, but my second most active referral, Wayne Wells, had made it into the top thirty.

unstoppableteamBoth Hans and Wayne are relatively recent members of my team. Hans was referred through the SFI S-Builder Co-op in October 2015. Wayne was a direct referral and joined my team in May 2016.

Each in his own way has seen the opportunity SFI provides and is running with it.

SFI offers MANY ways for you to build a business. If you were to compare how the three of us run our SFI businesses, I’m sure you’d find three different approaches, BUT the common theme is TEAM WORK – and notice the word “Work” is just as important here as the word “Team“.

The point is that I have a system and a sense of commitment to SFI and to my team which I put into action every (day of every) month. I invest in the action takers in my team and they reward me by consistently producing good results such as those shown above.

I have a lot of other hard-workers in my team too who win prizes in my monthly competitions and who are building their teams too. If you are one of those people, know that you too can achieve the kind of results that Hans, Wayne and I achieved in August. If you are in any of our downlines you have a strong and committed set of sponsors above you who want you to succeed with them.

I hope that this blog post will encourage those of you who may not yet be on the leaderboards to get stuck in and work to Build Something Great with SFI and us.

David Hurley

SFI Gold Team Leader

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