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Internet marketers, program owners and bloggers are constantly looking for ways to attract visitors to their websites and keep them coming back for more. One increasingly popular way of doing that is to turn it into a game.

The process of applying game-design to attract website visitors and increase their loyalty and engagement is known as “Gamification.”


You can gamify your website by giving points, coins or badges to visitors who complete various tasks such as:

  • visiting your website
  • logging in
  • visiting a specific page or blog post
  • viewing several pages (as seen on traffic exchanges)
  • posting a comment
  • opting in to your mailing list
  • completing a purchase
  • subscribing to your membership site
  • sending out an email to other members (as seen on some viral mailers)
  • reading other members’ email messages (as seen on most viral mailers)

Players can unlock higher levels of rewards by completing more and more challenges. Rewards can be converted into cash, coupons or advertising credits.

You can add a further element to the gamification process by creating leaderboards and competitions, with monthly, weekly or even daily rewards.

In spite of the obvious attractions of adding games to your website, few home-business bloggers or solo-entrepreneurs have applied gamification to their own sites even if they participate in the games offered by marketing sites that they may use.

However, that could be about to change with the launch of Zubeezone by John Bell (owner of and a number of other well-designed sites).

Enter the Zubeezone!

zubeezoneZubeezone solves the problems of gamifying websites by creating a simple reward system that is very easy to set up on any site without having to install a program or plug-in.

Simply copy and paste a snippet of code to the page where you want to offer a reward, and you are done. No need to install any program or plug-in, and no maintenance required.

Zubeezone scales automatically as your traffic grows.

Your visitors are tracked and your website is promoted to Zubeezone members based on their preferred categories. Those who visit your site are tracked and retargeted to encourage them to keep on returning. So you can expect to see an increase in traffic and in visitor loyalty. 🙂

Another benefit of joining Zubeezone is the additional distribution channel they provide for your goods and services. You can sell your products and services on the Zubeezone marketplace. The fees are very reasonable. You pay just 5% per sale, and an additional 5% if you opt to have your product featured on the site.

My Experience With Zubeezone

I joined Zubeezone as soon as I heard about it from John Bell. I could see the potential of having Home-Biz-Weekly in the Zubeezone and I have not been disappointed.

It took less than five minutes to set up my first reward. I simply logged in to my WordPress Dashboard, pasted the HTML snippet into a text widget and added it to the Primary Widget Area.

Now visitors to can claim a Silver Coin once a day. You can claim your silver coin in the right-hand column. ==>

The result has been a big upsurge in traffic to the blog, right from the very first day, 1st February 2015:dailyusers

Next, I added a Gold Coin as a reward for subscribing to the Home Biz Weekly Newsletter. I posted the opt-in form as one of a series that rotates in the top widget of the blog.

The day after I posted the reward I had three people opt in to claim a Gold Coin.

As you can see in the screenshot below, the number of Silver Coins being claimed (grey line) is now over 45 per day. The Gold Coin claims suddenly pop up the day after I set up the new reward:


Zubeezone is going to play a major part in helping me to promote I expect to see an increase in

  • visitor engagement
  • newsletter subscribers
  • returning visitors
  • product sales
  • referrals

Signing Up To Zubeezone

Zubeezone is free to join if you want to get rewarded for visiting viral mailers, traffic exchanges, ptc sites and blogs such as

For website owners, Zubeezone lets you add gamified rewards to your site with no hassle from just $35 a month for unlimited numbers of site users.

David Hurley

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