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thesecretIn 2006 The Secret hit the bestseller lists and made its author, Rhonda Byrne, rich and famous.

The basic message of The Secret was that you become what you think about.

As Joe Vitale, one of the contributors, put it, “Thoughts are sending out that magnetic signal that is drawing the parallel back to you.” (The Secret, p. 10)

Elsewhere, Joe Vitale is quoted comparing the universe to a catalogue, where you flip through the pages and order what ever you want. All you have to do, according to The Secret, is, ask, believe… and receive.

However, The Secret was not without its critics, including other motivational training experts such as Brian Tracy, who claimed that the word “work” does not appear in the book.

What he meant was that if you want to “receive” something, then simply “asking” and “believing,” are not enough. You also need to develop mental toughness, focus on your goal and follow through with hard work.

The Emergence of Emergence…

emergenceMore recently, a new teaching has “emerged” which is also critical of the “Law of Attraction,” but from a different perspective. It is called the “Law of Emergence” and has been developed by Derek Rydall.

A key image of the Law of Emergence is the acorn and the oak. In his book Emergence: Seven Steps for Radical Life Change (available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle versions), Derek Rydall explains that we do not actually need anything from “the universe” or “the infinite” or whatever, because we already have everything we need within us  to realize our potential.

Just as the oak is already present within the acorn and cracks the acorn open to emerge into being, so our fully developed self is struggling to emerge from our current state or situation.

According to this view, when we experience a “problem” what we are actually experiencing is the cracking of the acorn. In that sense, the pain we feel is not actually a problem but a part of the process of emerging into a more highly developed state of being.

Does that mean that we don’t have to set goals?

Not at all!

Like other motivational experts, Derek Rydall teaches that we should write a vision statement. Our vision should be big enough to make us feel uncomfortable because a “real vision is beyond your current paradigm,” just as the paradigm of an oak is much greater than that of the acorn it emerged from.

Here is the first of a series of training videos in which Derek Rydall talks about the Law of Emergence:


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