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Latest Update: 11th September 2016

MyAdvertisingPays is an online advertising service that is enabling over 150,000 members to earn online income from three sources:

1. Revenue share on your credit packs (pays out every 20 minutes).

2. Commission payments on referral purchases (10% per purchase).

3. Sales from your advertising on the MAP traffic exchange and on-site banner advertising.

This article looks at how you can withdraw your revenue share and commission earnings (revenue streams 1 and 2) without losing too many credit packs in the process.

Keep in mind that credit packs cost €50 each and expire when they have generated €55 in profit share earnings. That means you need to buy more credit packs to maintain and grow your position in MAP.

Every €50 you withdraw is €50 that cannot be used to buy another credit pack. So it is important to create a strategy that will allow you to withdraw cash whenever you need to, and at the same time to keep the your MAP account growing.

With a clear strategy in place, you will know when it is okay to withdraw cash and how much you can withdraw, or how many credit packs you can allow to expire before you start buying new packs again.

Set Your Diamond Target Date

First of all, set a target date for achieving Diamond status in MyAdvertisingPays. You become a “Diamond” member when you own the maximum of 1,000 active credit packs.

Make it your priority to achieve Diamond status as quickly as possible, whether “as quickly as possible” is in the next three months or the next two or three years.

Once you have set your Diamond target date, set dates for when you aim to achieve Elite, Sapphire, Ruby and Emerald status:

  • Elite = 100 credit packs
  • Sapphire = 250 credit packs
  • Ruby = 500 credit packs
  • Emerald = 750 credit packs

With those target dates in place, you will have a sense of direction – where you are going and how well you are doing in getting there.

Now you are shooting for a clear goal, it will help you to resist the temptation to withdraw your earnings from your MAP account prematurely.

However, if you are on target, then there is no harm in rewarding yourself from time to time!

The key is to know when it is okay, and how much to withdraw without damaging your progress.

Levers and Ratchets

That is where my “MAP Credit Pack Ratchet” comes in handy! The MAP Credit Pack Ratchet is a tool that helps you understand when it is okay to withdraw cash and when you need to start buying more credit packs again.

As you buy more credit packs and build your team, you will be building a massive amount of leverage into your online business. However, “leverage” is only effective if your lever is fitted with a ratchet

If your lever does not have a ratchet, you just have a seesaw! LOL!

MyAdvertisingPays is the lever. Now we are going to fit it with a ratchet so that you can consistently raise your baseline even if you sometimes withdraw cash from your account as you progress towards Diamond status.

Do Not Withdraw Before You Have 100 CPs!

When you get started with MAP, you should buy as many credit packs as you can comfortably afford. Ideally, you should not even think about withdrawing cash until you have accumulated 100 credit packs and reached your first milestone, “Elite” status.

The reason is simply that the more credit packs you have, the less damaging it is to withdraw some cash from your account.

You can more quickly resume forward movement if you withdraw €200 from an account that has 100 credit packs than you can if you withdraw €200 from an account with 50 credit packs.

Also, when you are just getting started you have a very good opportunity to grow your account more quickly by regularly buying more credit packs.

Your first credit packs will not expire for about four months (depending on profit share payouts, which fluctuate from day to day). Use that initial four months to buy as many credit packs as you can so that when packs begin to expire you will already be generating a healthy revenue share to help you speedily replenish and grow your packs.

Example 1

If, for example, you began with ten credit packs and in the first four months you buy another 35 credit packs, when the first ten packs expire you will be left with 35 credit packs.

When setting your ratchet, fix the baseline on a round number that is at least 11 below the highest number of packs you have owned.

For example, with 45 credit packs, set your baseline at 30. That means your total number of credit packs much NEVER drop below 30 packs.

To continue with our example, when 10 of your 45 credit packs expire, you now only have 35 credit packs, which is only 5 packs above your baseline. Therefore you know that now is NOT the time to withdraw cash! You need to increase your credit pack total to keep it away from the baseline.

Once you reach a new high of 51 credit packs, then you should ratchet up your baseline to 40 credit packs.

Example 2

In the diagram, below, you can see another example of how the MAP Credit Pack Ratchet strategy works:

MAPCPRatchetIn this example, on Day 1 you have 91 credit packs and so the baseline is set at 80 (11 below the high point).

Although it would be possible to withdraw cash, you want to reach your first milestone, Elite status, so you keep buying more credit packs whenever profit share and commission earnings reach €50 in your “Available Account Balance.”

You achieve Elite status on Day 11, and reach a new high of 101 credit packs on Day 13, so you raise the baseline to 90.

On Day 23 you reach another new high of 111 credit packs, so once again you ratchet up the baseline, this time to 100. Each time you enter a new decade you ratchet up the baseline by ten.

On Day 25 you reach a new high of 113 credit packs, but now you decide to reward yourself by withdrawing some cash. Over the next three days you let the funds accumulate in your Available Account Balance and then withdraw €200.

On Day 29 you start buying more credit packs again and begin the journey to your next milestone, Sapphire status and 300 credit packs!


By setting clear goals for your MAP business, and by working with a “baseline” that ratchets up as the number of credit packs increases, you will know when it is okay to withdraw cash and when you need to start buying credit packs again.

Applying a “ratchet” to your MAP “lever” will ensure that your business consistently grows even when you withdraw funds and reward yourself along the way. 🙂

David Hurley


P. S. If you are looking for a way to promote your business while leveraging your advertising efforts, and are not yet using MyAdvertisingPays, Click Here to join my team.

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