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A splash page is basic webpage with one simple aim: to get the viewer to click through.

Typically, a splash page carries a simple but compelling message and a call to action along with a link to the landing page you want your prospect to go to.

For a long time the standard advice for Internet marketers who use traffic exchanges and viral mailers to promote their business has been to “use a splash page.”


Because a well-designed splash page will download quickly and the message can be understood in just a couple of seconds.

Bearing in mind that users of traffic exchanges and viral mailers only stay on a page for a few seconds to earn credits, it does seem to make sense to use a splash page.

One More Click…

However, one criticism of splash pages is that they create an extra step in the referring process. It takes one more mouse click for the surfer to arrive on the landing page.

“One more click” does not sound like much, but it can kill conversion rates.


Maryanne Myers’ allows visitors to sign up without having to click-through.

Some program owners have responded by building an easy sign up offer into the home-page of their website.

If a program offers a free membership option, then it makes sense to create a quick-and-easy “Join free today” offer with a simple sign-up form to promote it right on the home page of the site.

A good example of what I am talking about is the home page of Maryanne Myers’ – a traffic exchange where you can earn money simply by surfing 50 sites a day (which takes about eight minutes to complete).

In effect, a program home page such as this acts in part like a squeeze page because you can sign up right there without having to go the extra click.

What’s The Difference Between A Splash Page & A Squeeze Page?

A splash page “makes a splash” with the aim of getting you to click through, while a squeeze page is designed to “squeeze” your email address out of you.

It used to be thought that traffic exchange and viral mailer surfers would not want to fill in a form while clicking for credits, so a splash page only requires a click. When the surfer clicks on the link, the landing page should open in a new browser window without interrupting surfers while they are earning credits.

However, if they like your offer, it seems more likely that people will opt in directly while they are viewing the page, rather than have to click-through and then opt in.

Create Your Own Unique Squeeze Page

Even if the program you are promoting has a nice clean, fast-downloading home page with a free sign up offer, it would still be better to create your own squeeze page and promote that on the exchanges and viral mailers so that you can build your list first.

When you create your own squeeze page you can make it unique to you and include your free offer, and your own name and photo for personal branding purposes.

So, if you have been using splash pages up until now on the traffic exchanges and viral mailers, I suggest that you start experimenting with personally branded squeeze pages instead.

David Hurley

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One Response to To Splash Or To Squeeze? Why Splash Pages Are One Click Beyond…

  • Yes, is make more sense to create a splash page and promote in Traffic Exchange and Safelist, people can only click and then see you squeeze page in a new window (If they like what you are promoting, they can become your lead forever)

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