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Safelists, viral mailers or list-builders – whatever you want to call them – are a tried and tested way for you to drive targeted traffic to your landing pages.

If you work with multiple safelists, you can effectively reach thousands of people every day, all of whom are engaged with online marketing and therefore in your target market.

Leverage Your Time While Managing Multiple Safelists

The biggest problem with safelists is that it is very time consuming to run multiple safelist accounts and keep track of when you can send out your next mailing on each safelist.

How many times have you missed an opportunity to mail out to one of your lists? How many signups you lost because you never had time to mail, or you forgot a mailing was due?

It used to happen to me all the time too because keeping track of every safelist all the time, is just too difficult.

That’s why I recommend that you use Viral Mail Profits to manage all your safelists from a single website.

Viral Mail Profits is a safelist management system that will save you several HOURS of precious time every week and make your safelist mailing campaigns much more efficient and effective.

Here are some of the benefits of using Viral Mail Profits to manage all your safelist mailing campaigns:

  • One place to manage all your emails
  • One Place to save all your emails
  • No more saving random swipe files
  • No more time wasted looking for your login details
  • No more wasting time logging in to all your mailers just to find out you can’t mail for x amount of time
  • No more missed mailings because you forgot you could mail.
  • No more time wasted setting up tracker links
  • No more signups missed, because you don’t know which emails convert best
  • No more money lost, because you don’t know which mailers are just plain useless!

Viral Mail Profits is truly the one and only place that is designed to discipline you and is designed to make you take action…. and that my friends is what we all need.

  • You save time
  • You’re more focussed on the bottom line
  • You make more money!

Get Feedback From Your Target Audience With Viral Mail Profits

Not only is Viral Mail Profits the most effective and simple to use mail management system, it is also a safelist mailer in its own right, with over 6,000 members on its database. One of the unique features of the VMP mailer is that it has a direct feedback feature which means you can request feedback from your target audience about the landing page you are promoting.

Viral Mail Profits is designed to give you top results, even free members get to mail at least 1,000 members every 5 days.

AND you get 200 free mailing credits just for joining.

If you are ready to free up your time while mailing to thousands of safelist members, join Viral Mail Profits free today and test the system for yourself.

David Hurley


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