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Various advertising sites offer some form of profit-share for their members. You need to take care with these sites as there are a lot of scams so do your due diligence. Check out this article I wrote about How to Manage Risk and Maximize Rewards when working with revenue-sharing advertising sites.

There are, however, some genuine programs out there that are well worth working with. The key is to find them and then use the revenue-share to buy more credit packs and build up your daily revenue-share income and your traffic leverage, effectively “getting paid to advertise.”

I have been working with a couple of sites and applying leverage to the revenue-share by using it to repurchase advertising credit packs.

1. My Paying Ads

mpaMyPayingAds was launched in March 2015 by Uday Nara who is based in Singapore.

I joined in July 2015 after reviewing the site, the payment options and the ad-pack structure.

I believe MyPayingAds is the most user-friendly of revenue sharing sites because credit packs range in price from inexpensive $5 packs to top-of-the-range $50 packs. So you can start on a small budget and work your way up as your profit-share and commission income increases.

I have written in more detail about MyPayingAds elsewhere on this blog.

2. MyAdvertisingPays

mapstateoftheartLaunched in December 2012, MyAdvertisingPays is the Big Daddy of the revenue share industry. I have blogged about my experience with MAP and how it has funded various trips and holidays for me (see this blog post from April 2015).

Towards the end of 2015, MAP switched the focus of its business to Europe to tap into its primary growth areas, and, with the launch of MAP 2.0, MyAdvertisingPays now offers its services in euros, not US dollars and is no longer available to affiliates in the USA.

However, if you are not in the USA, MAP continues to be an excellent source of online advertising AND offers a lucrative profit-sharing and affiliate marketing program.

Also, and most importantly, the two revenue-sharing sites featured here, MPA, and MAP,  have several other services which do not qualify purchasers for a share of the profits, but which provide revenue streams that ensure the profit share will be well funded and sustainable over the long term.

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