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Working with the best web traffic sites is one of the best ways to “leverage your traffic.” Discovering the best web traffic sites is one of the most important traffic-leverage skills you can develop.

Unfortunately, most people fail to leverage their traffic sources in this way. As a result, they usually end up wasting  time and money on web traffic sites that do not deliver. Or they happen to join the good sites but fail to exploit their potential.

Either way, they fail to find the best web traffic sites and so their online business is doomed to fail.

That Does Not Have To Happen To You!

Why I Focus On Leveraging My Traffic Resources

best web traffic sites

TE Traffic Storm shows you how to leverage TEs and find our which ones are the best web traffic sites.

Traffic leverage is something that I have increasingly focused on over the last few years. I work with sites such as safelists,  traffic-exchanges, and banner and classified ad sites.

To find out more about how I leverage Traffic Exchanges, check the TE Traffic Storm page  elsewhere on this blog.

In recent years I have added revenue-sharing adverting sites to my portfolio of best web traffic sites..

I leverage those sites to build up my traffic volume while keeping my costs to a minimum, as I will explain later in this article. 

The result is that I am now able to deliver hundreds or even thousands of visitors to my websites day after day. And I can do that  for little or no cost at all.

On this page I will explain what I mean by “traffic-leverage.” Then I’ll show you some of the best web traffic sites that I use to leverage my traffic.

What Does “Leverage Your Traffic” Mean?

It means getting more visitors to your website for the time or money you invest. More bang for your buck.

For example, imagine a web traffic site, such as a traffic-exchange, charges a base price of $10 for 1,000 visitors to your site. You will gain extra leverage any time you can get a lower price for the 1,000 visitors. Or, you will gain extra leverage when you get more than 1000 visitors for every $10 you spend.

How is it possible to “leverage your traffic”?

Typically, you can increase your traffic leverage in four ways:

(1) upgrading your account status.

(2) purchasing lifetime membership deals if and when they are available.

(3) working with the best revenue sharing advertising programs.

(4) Joining sites that offer massive advertising for a fixed price.

The KEY is to pick your sites very carefully. Let’s look at each example of traffic leverage in more detail.

1. Upgrades

A good quality upgraded membership can deliver extra leverage for your money in several ways (which may vary from site to site):

  • More credits for your money every month. (More credits = more visitors)
  • More credits-per-click when surfing the site or opening member emails. (Earn more per surf session, or spend less time surfing for credits.)
  • Random referrals.
  • Earn a % of downline credits. (This can be especially valuable on sites which combine random referrals with multi-level bonus credits.)
  • Increased commission rates.

Download my ebook, TE Traffic Storm for more details about which Traffic Exchanges offer the best upgrade deals.

2. Lifetime Membership Deals

Buying lifetime deals on good quality traffic sites with trusted owners is the fastest and most cost-effective way to leverage your traffic over the long run.


Because YOU PAY JUST ONCE and get all the perks of UPGRADED membership, month after month, and never have to pay again!

I now have lifetime memberships in around 50 sites. If you target one site a month that is offering Lifetime Membership, you will quickly build up your traffic leverage too, BUT be sure to check my recommendations first so that you do not get caught with a dud site on your hands.


3. Revenue Sharing Programs

Revenue sharing advertising programs hit the Internet marketing scene back in 2012.

In simple terms, revenue sharing sites pay you back a share of their profits every day that you log in and click ads. That way, they can build large and loyal memberships.

They offer to share anything from 105% to 120% of profits earned back on purchases of specific advertising packages (ad packs).

That means you can potentially get paid for advertising on a revenue sharing site. It is important to note that a stable revenue sharing platform will offer a wide range of advertising and other services alongside the profit-sharing ad packs.

Those other services do not pay back a revenue share to you when you purchase them. However, profits from those services go into the pot that funds the revenue-sharing payouts on qualifying ad packs.

That ensures enough revenue flows in for there to be a profit over and beyond the profit-sharing ad packs.

As programs go, revenue sharing sites have had their ups and downs. The key is to find the sites that are built for the long-term and have a competent and trustworthy owner running them.

After you have joined a revenue sharing site, do not throw in too much of your cash. It is important to hedge your position while building leverage.

It is relatively easy to build up a profitable position from a small injection of capital provided you purchase more profit-sharing ad packs from your revenue share and commissions. Be sure to withdraw your seed money once you have built up a few dozen ad packs.

Now, you will be able to leverage your position to generate a ton of essentially free traffic for your promotions. And at the same time, you will be able to generate a nice profit on the side.

For more info on my #1 revenue-sharing recommendation: Click Here

4. Fixed-Cost Banner & Classified Advertising

Some sites allow you to post lots of banner and text ads for a fixed monthly price. You can leverage your traffic by taking them at their word and posting dozens of ads to get the most bang for your buck.

Incidentally, the three leading banner ad sites that I use also run lucrative matrix-based affiliate programs. That means, with a little effort, you can cover your expenses by referring others to the site, you can effectively get yourself dozens of banner and text ads for no cost at all, or even get paid for posting your ads.


David Hurley


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