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Here is a list of my TOP recommendations for sites which currently offer lifetime membership deals.

NOTE: These are all sites where I have personally signed up for a lifetime membership. I use these sites regularly to leverage my traffic.

Tools & Resources

tapTested & Proven offers a 100% free lifetime membership, so you can’t get a better deal than that.

The owners, Penny Cannon and Klaus Biesel, test numerous safelists and viral mailers and post the results of the successful ones in the TAP membership area. They add the best performing sites to the downline-builder. That means you always know which sites to join, promote and invest in for your own marketing campaigns.

There are also some excellent Lifetime Membership Deals on the sites that are in the TAP downline, so sign up to TAP free and see which safelists and viral mailers are worth working with (maybe you are already a member of some of them).

Then, fill in the TAP downline builder with your affiliate links, and simply promote TAP on the safelists and traffic exchanges to start building YOUR downlines in the top-performing mailer sites.

It’s a great way to “get paid” to promote your online business! Sign Up to TAP & Get Started NOW!

Safelists & Viral Mailers

Blaster Guru Blaster.Guru – Owned by Maryanne Myers. A lifetime upgrade costs a one-time payment of $99. As an upgraded Lifetime “Master Status” member you can email the membership TWICE a day on 100% AUTOSEND and it won’t cost you any credits to do so! You also get 1 log-in ad on three other safelists in Maryanne Myers’ network, with a combined membership of over 80,000 members. Receive 2,000 credits DAILY plus 200 credits each day you log in. Receive 2,000 tokens to spend (convert into credits etc) or send to other members. Earn $25 per referral upgrade, and $5 on second tier upgrades. You also get random sign-ups plus earn credits when they surf. Sign Up Today!

mailercashin MailerCashin – A well-designed LFMVM mailer with 3 different Lifetime options, starting from $20. The $20 Lifetime has a lot to offer: Mail 2000 per mailing, every 12 hours. Mail your downline. Earn 25 credits per click on an 8 Second Timer. Receive 5000 bonus credits, 400 banner impressions, and 400 text ad impressions per month. Earn 4% referral credits on Level 1 and 2% referral credits on Level 2. Earn 40% commissions on referral purchases, including OTOs. The two other Lifetime offers cost $32.97 and $77 respectively, with even bigger benefits. Sign up Today!


prolistsolutions ProListSolutions – Tap into a list of quality prospects and active buyers. Everybody on the list is a paid member (except for new members who are still on their one week free trial).

That’s right! All new members receive a full week Free Trial Platinum Upgrade which comes with all the benefits of a real Platinum Upgrade! Among many others, that includes: A Professional Tracker & Rotator System. 50% Referral Commission (including during the Free Trial Period). Sizzling Hot Lifetime Deals from just $5.99 (OTO)! Sign Up Today!

Traffic Exchanges


CommissionFunnel– Designed by Brian Jones on the Ventrino platform. This site delivers very tasty commission payments: Free members earn 35% commission, while upgraded members earn 100% commission on all referral sales, including the Lifetime OTO, the permanent $99.95 Lifetime upgrade, and the monthly $9.95 and $12.95 upgrades as well as any other purchases made by their referrals. Just to be clear, 100% commissions kick in for all upgraded members, no matter which upgrade option you take, from the $9.95 monthly to the full $99 Lifetime Membership offer that is permanently available on the site. Excellent value, and a great way to leverage your traffic generation efforts. Sign Up Today!

50aday125 50ADayGetsYouPaid.com  – Owned by Maryanne Myers. One of the most responsive TEs I have surfed over the years. Well worth buying one of the two lifetime upgrades. There is a MAXIMUM surf limit of just 50 sites. Surf 50 sites a day and get paid (typically, 3 or 4 cents per day). Get 13,000 credits when you buy, then 400 credits per month. Earn $20 on referral upgrades and $5 on 2nd tier upgrades. PLUS for the highest membership level: 1 weekly email ad to all members using THE COVETED AUTOSEND! Yes, every week, one of my email ads is sent out to all the members on autopilot! Sign Up Today!



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