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Using social media marketing for your business is more important today than ever before. However, many home-based Internet marketers are not sure how to use social media.

The WordPress Genie explains how using Social Media Marketing for business can improve your profitability.

Social Media Marketing, by the WordPress Genie

If you are not using social media marketing your will not be reaching its full potential. So in this article I will show you six ways you can use social media to grow your business.

Of course, each business will have different goals, but all of the tips listed here can be applied to any business goal and help you achieve it.

Social Media Marketing Is Fast & Effective – If You Obey The Rules

Also, you will find using social media marketing for your business is faster than any other type of marketing at getting the word out.

Just be sure that you stick to the rules. Offer value. Be courteous and considerate of others. Never ever SPAM your networks and email lists.

Here are six ways you can benefit by using social media for your business:

1 Using Social Media Marketing To Introduce Your brand

Social media marketing offers you many channels to get the word out quickly and efficiently about your brand. Use several channels to attract and engage with your target market.

Post several tweets a day about your business to attract new people to you on Twitter.

Set up a Facebook page to cultivate a closer following by posting more detailed information, videos and photos.

Use Instagram to post photos videos from your mobile phone when you are out and about.

Pin your best photos on Pinterest. Add a relevant chunk of keyword-rich text and link back to relevant posts or product pages on your website.

2. Using Social Media Marketing For Your Business Relationships

Having a following is nice, but a building relationships is lucrative in Social Media Marketing.

So, be sure to respond to any comments or questions that people post on your pages. Mix questions into your social media posts to encourage engagement. Ask people what they think when you post a photo.

Even a seemingly negative experience can be turned into business relationship gold.

For example, you can use social media to follow up on complaints. Do it publicly. Show sympathy for the customer’s concerns and you will build credibility and trust.

That can be more valuable than only dealing with satisfied customers. It gives you a chance to put your customer-relation skills on public display. It is the kind of thing that helps you build customer loyalty. Customer loyalty is gold and worth studying in detail. That’s why I recommend Evergreen: Cultivate Enduring Customer Loyalty That Keeps Your Business Thriving , by Noah Fleming.

3. Set Up A Facebook Page For Your Business

Facebook remains the “most engaging” social media site on the Internet. People spend more time on Facebook than on any other social media platform (see chart below). So you need to set up a Facebook page for your business. Post to it at least once a day. Respond to any comments and likes you receive to encourage engagement.

Using social media marketing for your business can increase engagement.

Facebook still dominates social media in terms of engagement and reach. (Source: comScore )

4. Use Social Media Marketing To Boost Customer Retention

Your social profiles hold a record of your marketing materials and your interactions with people in your network. That gives you an opportunity to gather data on your clients’ preferences.

Set up a Customer Retention Manager (CRM) so you can have more personal and meaningful follow up conversations.

Use your CRM to keep track of enquiries and solve your customers’ problems. People don’t expect you to remember every detail but they will appreciate it if you are able remember who they are, their interests and background details.

CRM software can help you with this. It is an excellent way to turn convert social media engagement into customer retention. I recommend Really Simple Systems – Cloud CRM because it has a free membership option and is a cloud-based CRM with email marketing capabilities (for upgraded members).

5. Interest Marketing Via Social Media

Social media platforms such as Facebook allow people to “like” pages and interest groups such as music, movies, books and people.

Facebook then accumulates that data and makes it available to advertisers. By doing that, they help you to find the people most likely to be a good fit for the products and opportunities you offer.

Facebook give you numerous targeting options that focus on the demographic profile of your potential customers. If you set it up correctly, every click on your ad will be from someone in the demographic that matches your target market. It is a big topic, but worth pursuing. This Wordstream infographic will help you navigate your way through demographic profiling your ads.

6. Using Social Media Marketing For Your Business Team

Tap into the power of Google+ Hangouts and YouTube Live Streaming to set up webinars for your team. Webinars are a great way to educate team members and build team spirit. They also help to establish you as a thought leader in your industry.

Being a thought leader is more than just announcing ideas to the world or promoting your products or affiliate programs. It’s about thoughtful interactions and memorable exchanges that improve the lives and fortunes of those who follow you.

Using social media marketing for your business team through webinars is a great way to build loyalty and also to train your team to duplicate your efforts.


Using social media marketing for business is a free to do. It is an easy way for you to reach out to your potential market, even if you have no previous marketing experience. Persistent effort will help you to build your network and your brand.

Above all, the people you attract through social media will become your warm market. Use various social media platforms to reach out to them in different ways and to build customer retention and team spirit.

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