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If you run a business blog but have not seen any results from your blogging efforts, just consider for a moment what you are up against…

According to SocialTriggers.com there are over 164 million blogs out there. While half of them are dormant, that still leaves over 80 million actively managed blogs competing for attention.

On top of that, over 170,000 new blogs are launched every day.

However, that does not mean you should abandon your blog in despair. For an online business, a business blog is one of the most important marketing and branding resources you can have online.

Here are some tips to help you attract your target audience to your business blog.

1. Define Your Target Audience

If your blog appeals to a specific niche market then it is irrelevent how many other blogs are out there. Most of them will not be in direct competition with you for your specific target audience.

Tip: If your blog has no clearly defined focus, drill down and decide who exactly you are appealing to, then work on tailoring your content to suit that specific audience.

2. Persistence Pays Off

Even if your blog is not yet attracting much traffic, that does not mean you should give up. Keep on posting content and the number of indexed pages and links will steadily increase, helping to improve the authority of your site, and your business.

3. Consistently Create Quality Content

Quality content is content that is relevant, well researched, well written and has something of value to offer.

In a business blogging context, I would add that “quality content” is also personable and friendly in style. Turn your own experiences into stories that help convey the message you want to tell.

Of course, quality content takes longer to research and create. The pay-off is that it leaves the visitor with a positive impression of you, so it makes you more “likable” and helps to build trust. If people like and trust you, it is much more likely that they will buy from you.

4. Include Images & Memes

Blog posts with images attract almost twice as many views as blog posts without images. Images overlaid with witty and relevant text are known as memes. Think about creating a meme for each of your blog posts. You can post your memes on Facebook and Pinterest to pull in more traffic.

5. Headlines & Sub-Headings Matter

Use compelling headlines to attract readers and use sub-headings to make it easy for them to skim your article and still get the main points – around 85% of people skim blog content.

6. Keep Your Social Networks Informed

Update your social networks each time you publish a new blog post. This is a routine job which you automate using a submission service such as Steve Shaw’s VWriter.com or NetworkedBlogs.com. If you run a self-hosted WordPress blog there are a lot of plugins you can use, such as NextScript.com.

Following the steps I have mentioned here and your business blog will see increased traffic, generate more leads and convert those leads into customers.

David Hurley


P. S. This infographic by ReferralCandy.com offers a lot of valuable information from leading business bloggers about how to promote your blog more effectively:

The 9 Most Powerful Blog Promotion Tactics From Top Marketing Experts [Infographic]
ReferralCandy – Refer-a-friend Programs for Ecommerce Stores

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One Response to What To Do If Your Business Blog Is Not Making Money

  • Hey David Hurley, Good Post Men!!

    Is basic that when you create a blog focus in your Target Audience

    Your target audience and blogging style comes hand in hand. The moment you think of creating your own blog, you must first realize what your target audience is; you must know what they want, need and desire to read about. If you identify your target audience successfully, your messages that you want everyone to know about will be effectively targeted.

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David Hurley